Jul 1, 2012

Calais Tea

bubble tea fever is all over Jakarta.. here and there, new stall selling bubble tea from different brands are emerging.. Calais Tea is one of the shining star among those many.. with the tagline Artisan Bubble Tea and Coffee, and bringing a whole new experience of bubble tea by bringing the popping pearls, that is bubble that will burst in your mouth.. 

I noticed that their stall in Central Park Mall is always crowded and filled with long queue, which makes me reluctant to try.. I am a practical type of people who do not enjoy queuing haha.. but last week, the stall was quite empty, so I decided to give it a try.. I decided to go with the classic honey milk tea with original small bubbles (Rp19,500) add with mango popping pearls (Rp4,000) less sugar and less ice.. a strange combination, I know.. but with so many options, I just can't decide what to choose and I was dying wanting to try their popping pearls.. so there you go.. oh, by mentioning that you have like their facebook page and follow their twitter, you will get a free up-size from regular to large.. 

so taste wise, I can't really taste the milk tea, since my tongue was busy tasting the popping mango pearls.. I do love those popping mango pearls.. sour and very refreshing.. I did make a mistake by combining it with milk tea.. my bad.. and I did not know that the milk tea was stored hot so my choice of less ice making it a strangely warm milk tea.. the taste of the tea and bubbles were actually not bad, but not outstanding.. just another ordinary bubble milk tea.. 

I guessed, I need to try other popping pearls with their fruit tea.. too bad, lately, the queue was too long that I haven't had my chance to try their other teas.. perhaps some other time..

Calais - Artisan Bubble Tea and Coffee
Central Park Lower Ground

Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta

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