Sep 17, 2012

M Cafe

"so much chocolate, so little time.." - M Cafe

for me, M Cafe is definitely just too irresistible to be missed.. I have missed the chance to visit previous pop-up Magnum Cafe due to the long queue.. lucky for me, my office mates are just as curious about it as I am.. so last Thursday, we went straight from the office to Grand Indonesia despite the heavy traffic of Jakarta.. arriving around 7:00 p.m, we found there was a short line of queue, which was considered acceptable, and so we waited.. on the side of the queue, we were greeted by a wall decorated in Magnum and chocolate notes.. this is definitely a photo spot you just can't miss.. after almost 15 minutes of waiting, we were offered an outdoor area which we accepted right away.. 

so, enter the royal world of Magnum.. a long narrow alley with red carpet.. feels like a celebrity already.. we went through their indoor dining area and reached the outdoor area.. the indoor area was simply decorated with dark furniture and dimmed lights.. the indoor area was quite packed with people and seemed a little bit too busy.. the outdoor area was much cozier with fewer people.. decorated resembling a rooftop garden.. I felt in love right away.. white furniture combined with dark sofa on the side, with lanterns as source of lights, completed with Jakarta's skyline as the background.. enough talking, let the pictures speak..

the menu offered is various, from appetizers to tempting desserts and sweet drinks.. we found ourselves quite overwhelmed decided to pick what to choose.. not willing to take risk, we chose the easy ways, pick those recommended menus.. reuben's caesar salad (Rp35,000), nachos (Rp39,000), calamari vindaloo (Rp35,000) and spaghetti a la diable (Rp40,000) for our appetizers and mains.. of course, eating at M Cafe would not be complete without some sweets, so we had frozen chocolate (Rp45,000), waffle d'antwerp (Rp39,000) and deconstructed cheese cake (Rp39,000)..

okay, let's go through one by one.. nothing could be wrong with caesar salad.. served with bacon bits and cheese, we found that the portion was a bit too small for such price.. nachos was actually quite good with a satisfying portion.. my friend did complain that it was lack of cheese and not as crunchy after a while.. the calamari was the least impressive dish.. I wondered, really, why we ordered that in the first place.. it was just another deep fried calamari which tasted rather bland, served with lettuce and tartar sauce, nothing special.. and the best dish of the night goes to spaghetti a la diable.. it was actually a tomato-based pasta served with seafood.. it tasted really good and a bit spicy.. I didn't expected it to be that good, but it was delicious!

the frozen chocolate was huge and topped with lots of whipped cream, which made me a little scared of trying, remembering all the calories.. anyway, it was a refreshing first sip but the rest was just another frozen chocolate milk.. too sweet for my taste buds, but worth the try.. waffle d'antwerp was definitely appealing.. two stacks of waffles topped with two pieces of Magnum ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce, accompanied with sour raspberry jam.. it was sinfully good.. I love the combination of all the elements.. the sour raspberry jam added balance to the dish, preventing it to be overly sweet.. the waffle, however, was too thick and not crunchy outside.. 

lastly, we had the deconstructed cheese cake.. by saying "deconstructed", it means that all of the ingredients of a cheese cake are prepared separately but presented together, although not in the usual form of a cheese cake.. so what we had that night was three bars of rice crispy with creamy cheese fillings in between and an Magnum ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce.. it was heavenly.. I love every little details in it.. one of the best and most unique dessert I have ever tasted.. yum yum..

overall, I had a great experience in M Cafe.. the service was fast and the waiters are familiar with the menus.. great ambiance and beautiful decorations.. good food with reasonable price.. it's no wonder people are keep coming to visit.. it is indeed recommended :)

M Cafe
Grand Indonesia West Mall 6th Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1


  1. swallowed up my saliva while looking at ur pictures. love the idea of the 'deconstructed' cheese cake :)



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