Nov 10, 2012

[Brisbane] Cactus Republic

road trip to Brisbane! it was a one-hour trip from Gold Coast to Brisbane and we made it with the help of Google Maps.. well, lots of help, actually.. and now I am officially a fan of the application, really.. our first destination in Brisbane is South Bank Parklands.. it was a huge park located right on the southern bank of Brisbane river.. a mixture of rain forest, grassed areas and artificial beach.. you can enjoy the city view of Brisbane which was located right on the other side of Brisbane river.. have yourself enjoy the sun or just sit calmly in the middle of the cool rain forest.. here, you can also find the Wheels of Brisbane, one of the most popular landmark in Brisbane.. here's a sneak peak of how South Bank Parklands looked like..

the sun is bright!
got no beach? well, Brisbane made one!
Wheels of Brisbane
the city right across the Brisbane river
we arrived just before lunch time.. looking around the plaza, we were quite confused of what to eat.. as usual.. so, we decided to try something we had never tried before and the decision went to Mexican food.. not so adventurous for some of you, but it was quite an unusual choice we made.. located strategically in Stanley Street Plaza, we could not help but notice Cactus Republic.. without too much negotiation, we made our orders.. chips & dips (AUD6.95), chicken quesadillas (AUD9.50), added with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo (AUD1.50) along with the people's burrito (AUD11.95).. while waiting, we are served with iced tap water for free.. it was really good since the sun was just too bright.. we're sweating already..

the first to arrive was chips & dips.. the options available were chili dip, flag dip, guacamole dip or pico de gallo dip.. we chose chili dip which was basically minced beef with chili and cheese.. it was delicious! really.. crunchy nachos with generous dip.. I fell in love with it.. imagine, having this as afternoon snacks while you're watching your favorite movie at home.. yum yum..

next was chicken quesadillas.. a little info, quesadilla is a tortilla filled with meat and other condiments then folded in half to form a half-moon shape.. it was originated from Mexico.. in Cactus Republic, the choices for quesadillas include cheese + jalapeno, chorizo + cheese, chicken, pork or vegetarian.. chicken was our choice, since one of my friend has no longer eat beef.. the quesadilla was delicious.. eat it with a mix of guacamole (avocado paste), sour cream and pico de gallo (tomato salsa) and it was perfect.. I personally loved the pico de gallo so much as it was really fresh..

lastly, the people's burrito.. there are four steps when you order the people's burrito.. step 1. liberate the meat: chicken.. step 2. free the beans: whole black bean.. step 3. take what's yours: medium - chipotle tomato salsa.. step 4. do that little extra: none.. so there we have it, chicken burrito with whole black bean and chipotle tomato salsa.. so inside the tortilla wrap, we found chicken, beans, lettuce, tomato salsa and rice.. yes, rice.. I was quite surprised to find rice inside a burrito.. the verdict.. it was definitely not my favorite.. the sourness of tomato salsa was dominating the whole dish, which was supposed to be a good thing.. but combining the sour salsa with rice had totally turned me off.. actually other than that, the whole dish was quite okay.. the chicken was very tender and the fillings were generous..

Cactus Republic
Stanley Street Plaza, the Parklands
South Bank, QLD 4101
Ph.: +61 7 3844 0878

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