Nov 11, 2012

[Gold Coast] Three Beans

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I am living the quote here.. a good way to start your morning, especially in Australia, is to try their coffee.. it was quite famous and I am more than excited.. it was a 24-hour little cafe, located in Broadbeach, right next to Boon Chu Thai.. I have to emphasize the 24-hour thing since almost every mall closes at 5.00 to 6.00 p.m and every eatery around 10.00 p.m.. in the black board in front of the cafe, they also emphasize the 24-hour thing by saying "yes, we really, really are open 24 hours.. always.." cute!

back to business.. of course, we ordered their coffee.. here, the coffee offered is Merlo Coffee.. as mentioned in their website, Merlo Coffee was named Australia's favorite coffee in Lifestyle FOOD's I Love FOOD Awards in 2012.. it's a premium fresh espresso which comes with high expectation from all of us.. so we made our orders, a cup of regular hot cappuccino (AUD3.90) and three cups of regular hot latte (AUD3.90).. mine was hot latte as cappuccino sometimes offered too much foam.. anyway, it tasted great.. I can taste that the coffee was quite strong, with silky milk.. I added a sachet of brown sugar to make it less bitter and I was content.. as easy as that.. it was a hearty cup of coffee to start the day.. a time well spent shared with best friends..

hot cappuccino

hot latte
as for breakfast, I decided to have their quiche lorraine (AUD6.00).. I once heard that you have to try Australia's quiches and pies.. so there I went.. when it was served on my table, I was quite pleased with the way it looked.. a golden brown pie crust was simply great for breakfast.. appetizing and (I hope) healthy as well.. it was served with a small plate of caramelized onions.. yes, those red, bolognese sauce look a like, was the caramelized onions mixed with some tomato.. 

I love my quiche!! crunchy pie crust with smooth, yummy fillings.. I think it was a mixture of cheese and bacon.. I finished the whole portion all by myself, only let the others taste a bite each haha.. that's just how much I love my quiche.. the caramelized onions was also very tasty.. too tasty, perhaps.. there's a lot of thing going on in your mouth all at once.. I didn't finish my caramelized onions and this one friend willingly finished it up for me.. she used it like a jam to her toast and simply said that it was so good.. 

well, there you go.. a decent Australian style breakfast.. a good cup of coffee, delicious quiche shared  with great friends and lots of laughter and you're on holiday.. life is good, you know :)

Three Beans
Phoenician Building, Shop 13, 90 Surf Parade
Broadbeach, QLD 4218
Ph.: +61 7 5538 8744

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