Nov 24, 2012

[Sydney] Chat Thai

hi all.. welcome to Sydney.. one of the most beautiful cities in the world.. I left my heart there, with the old buildings, great view and of course, the Opera House..

our first culinary experience in Sydney was another Thai food.. I can tell that Thai food has a place in the heart of Australians.. I got this recommendation from my friend who used to live in Australia and it was one of the most recommended restaurant found in Sydney's food blogs.. so the expectation was high.. our hotel is located right behind the Central Station, and we only have to take a few walks to reach Chat Thai in Campbell Street.. a little sports to start up the day.. as we arrived during lunch time, the place was packed! another level was added to our expectation..

after a while, we finally got our seats.. a small table with four seats.. the distance between each tables was quite narrow that you can hear as the other patrons were speaking.. not too comfy actually but it was one of a kind eating experience.. I noticed that there's an Indonesian family across our table.. well, off to the food.. our drinks came first, one kafe yen or iced coffee with caramelized milk (AUD4.00), one iced cha nohm rorn and two hot cha nohm rorn or sweet tea with caramelized milk (AUD4.00).. the kafe yen was great! but we were quite disappointed with the cha nohm rorn since they tasted kinda weird.. 

kafe yen - hot cha nohm rorn - iced cha nohm rorn 

as the appetizer we had mhu bhing or grilled pork skewers (AUD2.00 each).. pinkish pork skewers served with Thai chili.. the skewer itself was rather bland but luckily the chili saved the day.. it tasted really good and full of spices.. 
of course you can't go to a Thai restaurant without ordering padt thai,  the stir fried thin rice noodles with chicken, dride shimps, bean sprouts, garlic and chives in a tamarind and palm sugar sauce (AUD9.90).. I'm so sorry to say but Boon Chu Thai's padt thai was way better than this one, in terms of taste and portion.. 
this one was one of Thai's finest cuisine,  gaeng keaw gai or green curry of chicken with apple eggplants, kaffir lime leaves and basil (AUD14.00).. it's my first time trying this and I have to say I'm not a fan.. a lot of things going on my tongue on my first bite and it was quite overwhelming.. I still find it edible but I don't think I would order this anytime soon.. I'm gonna stick to tom yam goong for now.. however, my friend found it very enjoyable.. she said it was one of the best green curry she has ever tasted.. talking about different taste :)
lastly, we have khao mok gai which is chicken and rice braised in tumeric and five spice with green chili and garlic sauce with rice (AUD10.90).. in my opinion, it was similar to Indonesia's nasi kuning.. the chicken was nice, crispy outside and tender inside.. I love the yellow rice since it was fragrant and perfectly cooked.. the green chili was another plus point.. I love the spicy food.. 

overall, I didn't find Chat Thai quite as I had expected before.. and turned out our high expectation was not fulfilled.. I still think Boon Chu Thai has the best padt thai.. or perhaps I should travel to Thailand to experience the original padt thai.. but until then, the best padt thai is still in Gold Coast.. 

Chat Thai
20 Campbell Street Haymarket
Ph.: +61 2 9211 1808

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