Nov 19, 2012


allow me to interrupt the Australia's thread with this one post.. actually, I have visited Umaku before I went to Australia but sorry, had no chance to write a review about it.. so here we go.. I have heard about the good name of Umaku selling fresh sushi in an affordable price.. as I am such a huge fan of sushi, I was really curious and finally dragged my mom to try it.. Umaku Alam Sutra was located in a small office-home located right in front of the famous Flavor Bliss.. 

here's what we ordered.. wakame salad (Rp26,000), scallop grill roll (Rp29,000), spider roll (Rp39,000), mixed mushroom makura (Rp10,000) and two cups of ocha (Rp5,000 each).. we were hungry and it's lunch.. first, we were given a free bowl of edamame.. oohh, I love those healthy beans.. the hot ocha was clear green, tasted light and nice.. I really love the cups that I wanted to take them home.. 

a few moments later, come our orders.. the wakame salad came in such a small portion, I did expect more.. it tasted quite good with fresh condiments.. I think I still prefer Sushi Tei's wakame salad though.. the sushi rolls each consisted of four pieces.. spider roll's main ingredients is unagi and I love the freshness of the unagi.. it was covered in sweet brown sauce and it was good.. I put a high expectation on scallop grill roll but turned out that it was not my favorite.. I can only taste sweetness in the whole sushi until I wondered whether or not it's the true taste.. finally, we had mixed mushroom makura which was grilled mixed mushrooms with garlic.. this one tasted really unique, I have never had any dish similar to it.. the mushrooms were cooked perfectly and tasted quite nice..

wakame salad

spider roll

scallop grill roll

mixed mushroom makura

can you believe that after all those stuffs, our bellies were not satisfied yet? yes and so we added karai ramen (Rp36,000) to our table.. it was one of the recommended dish from Umaku and I have no regrets at all ordering it.. it came in a very appetizing way with the red spicy soup and generous fillings.. it was not as spicy as it looked, but it did taste great! I love everything about this dish.. the veggies were fresh accompanied with tender beef chunks, sliced fish balls and wakame.. a bowl of satisfaction :)

Umaku was kind enough by not only providing us the complimentary edamame but also a complimentary dessert of konyaku jelly.. it was really refreshing in the middle of a hot day and completely a nice treat for our lunch.. talking about bringing the best service to the customers..

overall, I had a satisfying dining experience at Umaku.. the taste was good and the price was affordable.. though the location was not quite friendly with where I live, I may go the distance for their karai ramen.. ending the post with a very cute loyalty card from Umaku :)

Ruko Alam Sutera Town Center Blok 10E No 9
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Ph: 6221 94381 1633


  1. wow the ramen looks so nice!!! and yeah it does look really spicy


    1. Hi there.. thanks for visiting.. salam kenal yaa :)
      and yes, the ramen is definitely the star of our lunch :D

  2. You have a very nice blog Cilla, interesting post! Heard about Umaku lately and I'll pay a visit after read ur blog.. :)
    Btw, salam kenal ya, Aku Mullie, kita tukeran link yuk... :)

    Warm Regards,

    1. Hi Mullie.. thanks for visiting.. yuk tukeran link :)
      nice to know you :)



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