Dec 15, 2012

[Sydney] FourAteFive

well, hello there.. it's my last breakfast in Sydney.. gosh, I'm writing this blog in a pace of a snail.. it was a windy day at Sydney and we have decided to have breakfast at FourAteFive located in 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills, due to recommendation from some friends.. looking at the map, Crown Street seemed not to be too far from our Bounce hotel, behind the Central station.. so off we go on our morning walk and yes, our breakfast place was not too far so it was good to have a nice warm up..

the place was quite small and packed with lots of patrons who seemed to be regular.. it was a cozy and homey eatery.. I really enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere.. first we were served with iced water.. the menu was quite various with typical western breakfast.. I decided to go with banana mini-loaf served with cinnamon butter (AUD5.50) and hot cappuccino (AUD4.00) while the others went with homemade creamed corn (AUD17.00), french toast (AUD14.00) and blueberry muffin (around AUD5.00) with hot latte (AUD4.00) and hot mocha (AUD4.00).. foodporn ahead :)

hot latte - hot mocha - hot cappucinno

banana mini-loaf served with cinnamon butter

home-made cream corn

french toast

blueberry muffin
I'm drooling just by looking at those pictures.. I love the banana mini-loaf so much.. it has the right sweetness level for my taste buds.. and the cinnamon butter was just a nice little surprise.. it melts as I spread it on the warm banana loaf.. yummy! I wonder where can I found a banana loaf as good as this one in Jakarta.. our hot drinks were such a beauty in the eyes.. I love their coffee art and they all tasted just as good as they look.. my cappucinno was creamy and quite strong to wake me up.. 

my companion's breakfast menus were just as good.. look at the homemade creamed corn, topped with two poached eggs (we asked for well-done ones) and crispy bacon served with organic sourdough toast.. it was a unique dish, I have never tasted anything like this before.. the creamed corn was definitely the star of the dish.. it was smooth and silky.. while the french toast was stuffed with bananas, served with maple syrup, mascarpone and rhubarb.. the bread was huge and soft with all of those toppings, you can't just go wrong with it.. lastly, the blueberry muffin which served with butter..  I don't know what love relationship between Australians and butter, but almost every breakfast is served with a piece of butter.. spread the butter on top of the warm muffin and as it melted, quickly put it in your month.. nice and yummy.. 

overall, I had a hearty breakfast at FourAteFive.. the best one I had during my Australia trip.. I smiled every time I looked at those food photos.. a nice morning walk continued with a warm breakfast shared with best girls in the world.. I truly cherish every moment spent :)

Four Ate Five
485 Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney
Ph.: +61 2 9698 6485

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