Dec 16, 2012

Yamagoya Ramen

ramen is definitely gaining a special place in the heart of Jakartans.. I mean just look at how it mushrooming throughout the city.. this time, my friends and I went to visit Yamagoya Ramen located in UOB Building.. why? well, we're talking about three girls here.. one living in North Jakarta, another one in almost South Jakarta and me in West Jakarta.. we need to find some place central haha.. 

Yamagoya Ramen served Kyushu-style ramen, with two types of broth: tonkotsu (pork bone) soup base and chicken soup base.. the menu was quite straight-forward, which consisted of mainly ramen in several styles and Japanese side dishes.. my friend went with mukashi special ramen - chicken soup (Rp53,000) and Kyushu black paste ramen - tonkotsu soup (Rp50,000) while I went with spicy tobanjan ramen - tonkotsu soup (Rp50,000).. and we ordered a portion of gyoza (Rp30,000) to share.. as for the drinks, we simply went with hot ocha.. 

the hot ocha was served in a very cute cup.. I want one for myself, can I? *grin* I personally think you can't ruin good food with too complicated drinks.. that's why I love having plain water or just simply hot ocha to accompany the meals.. it made the dish shines more.. but again, it's my personal preference.. 

our gyoza came first.. six pieces of appetizing Japanese-style of wonton.. this gyoza was really delicious.. it was crunchy outside and very tender inside.. as you bite a piece, you can feel a little sip of pork broth inside.. it was simply heavenly.. 

all of our ramen came just in time after we finished our appetizers.. three appetizing bowls of different ramen.. my spicy tobanjan ramen was served in a huge bowl, with milky-tonkotsu broth and a small plate of chili paste, which directly poured into my bowl.. two slices of pork, bean sprouts, lots of chopped celery and seaweed are the condiments.. first of all, I love my tonkotsu broth.. it was milky, silky and smooth.. I love this one better than Hakata's.. the thin noodles and the tender pork definitely made my day.. I did tried my friends' orders.. the mukashi ramen's broth was clear as it was a chicken base and tasted awesome! not too heavy but very tasty.. my friend truly love her ramen and tamago.. while the Kyushu black paste ramen was another thing.. the tonkotsu broth was similar to mine but the black paste definitely add some unique taste.. 

mukashi special ramen - chicken broth

spicy tobanjan ramen - tonkotsu broth

Kyushu black paste ramen - tonkotsu broth

overall, I had a hearty lunch at Yamagoya Ramen.. good food and great lunch companions.. what could be better? :)

Yamagoya Ramen
UOB Thamrin Nine Basement 1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10
Jakarta 10230
Ph.: 6221-3190801

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