Dec 24, 2012

Mr. Crunchy

a few weeks ago, I got a nice package from Mr. Crunchy.. well, Mr. Crunchy is a delicious traditional Indonesian snack made from rengginang or Indonesian rice crackers.. it was made from cooked glutinous sticky rice, seasoned with spices and make into a flat and rounded shape, then sun-dried (source: Wikipedia).. now, what differentiate Mr. Crunchy with other rengginang? well, first, Mr. Crunchy is bite-size and second, it was seasoned with cheese, beef, chili and rainbow.. 

my favorite would be Mr. Crunchy's beef flavor.. now what are you waiting for? it's good for snacks to accompany your holiday this year end :)

Mr. Crunchy
Ph.: 0878 7796 0680/6221-2886 8399
Twitter: @myMRCrunchy

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