Jan 8, 2013

Peach Garden

a few weeks ago, I had quite heavy fever and sore throat.. unfortunately, I had too many deadlines that I have to come to the office still.. during lunch time, I managed to sneaked to the nearest hospital to get proper medicine.. my two very nice office mates were there to accompany me throughout our lunch break.. such a sweet of them.. thanks! anyway, the hospital was very luxurious, it almost felt like you're entering a five-star hotel instead of a hospital.. since the doctor was not available by the time we arrived, we decided to have our lunch first and Peach Garden was our choice.. Peach Garden is a chain restaurant originated from Singapore since 2002..

located in the Mezzanine Floor of the hospital, this place was quite noticeable.. decorated in typical Chinese restaurant, it was quite packed but seemed very quite.. the menu was various but I was looking for simple dish since I got little appetite.. dry wonton noodle (Rp35,000) and chrysanthemum tea (Rp6,000) were my lunch.. the noodle was thin and chewy, I like this kind of noodle.. the wonton was delicious, filled with fresh shrimps though I think the wonton skin was a bit too thick and the soup was too salty for my liking..

the prices above are subject to 5% service and 10% tax but a 40% discount is valid with Standard Chartered credit card.. so overall, it was not too pricey but in my opinion was not too special either.. but Peach Garden is surely added to our office lunch break options..

Peach Garden
MRCCC Hospital, Mezzanine Floor
Jl. Garnisun Dalam Kavling 2-3
Karet Semanggi, Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5785 2411

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