Jan 10, 2013

Soto Ayam Semarang

soto is Indonesian traditional soup consisted of mainly broth, meat and vegetables.. when you're talking about Indonesian cuisine, it's impossible not to mention soto as a part of it.. a lot of different types of soto can be found throughout Indonesia since it is a quite common dish.. soto specifically from Semarang area has a clear broth filled with shredded chicken, tomato dices and vermicelli topped with generous portion of fried shallots and scallions.. 

my favorite spot eating this soto Semarang would be in a small hawker eatery located on the side of Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya.. to be exact, it was located in parking area of Alfamart and next to BCA branch.. a humble cart which loaded all of the ingredients were parked and a tent was build behind it to cover humble tables and chairs available for those who want to eat right away.. on the table, eating cutlery, tissue and a bowl of free limes were available.. 

selling only soto Semarang, the menu would simple and straight forward but looking at it would definitely make you and your wallet smile widely.. 
  • soto and rice separated: Rp9,000
  • soto and rice mixed: Rp8,000
  • soto only: Rp7,000
  • potato patty: Rp2,000
  • egg satay: Rp2,000
  • chicken liver satay/chicken intestine satay: Rp1,000

how cheap was that? now if you wonder how it taste, trust me, hawker food does offer great taste.. it was really good.. the soup was very tasty even without any additional seasoning.. I usually add some lime juice and chili to heat the meal up.. the fillings were quite generous for such a price and the busy sound from the street surely add something to our eating experience..

overall, a strategic location and very smart price making me a regular now :)

Soto Ayam Semarang
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya
Alfamart parking area, next to BCA Tanjung Duren


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