Jan 27, 2013

[Revisit] De Luca

I'm the kind of person who has been having issues with weight ever since I was little.. and perhaps that's the main reason that I always *try* to keep my eating portion less than the average people.. gosh, how I envy you who can eat anything without gaining even an ounce of fat.. I easily gain weight and that's may be why I never had a full meal, as far as I can remember.. 

however, when it's Christmas season, there will always be an exception.. especially when De Luca offered a lunch package for Rp98,000++.. I fell into temptation and surrender right away.. the package consisted of soup of the day, main course (with several options), fresh fruits and drink (mineral water/lemon tea/hot tea).. so let's the full meal begins.. 

I started by ordering hot tea.. well, a little bitterness and warmth in a cup of tea is necessary to accompany the upcoming meal.. I love the cup and saucer, really.. where can I buy them? then along came a bowl of free bread, typical served in Italian restaurant.. I love the fact that the bread were still warm and I usually dip the bread in the mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.. just a tiny bit as too much bread will end up ruining your appetite..

hot tea
free bread
not so long after, the soup came.. it was minestrone vegetable soup with beef stock.. minestrone is Italian thick soup, quite famous apparently.. well, De Luca's minestrone was not too thick but somehow just the right consistency for my liking.. it tasted really refreshing with very fresh condiments.. I remember finding cucumber, tomatoes, onions, black olives and pumpkin.. it was a beautiful soup with very generous and well-cooked fillings.. 
minestrone vegetable soup

onto the main course, the star of the day.. roasted rosemary chicken served with mashed potatoes and mix grilled vegetables.. why did I chose this? well, it's the most expensive menu of the main course options hihihi.. I'm typical girl who will bother to look at the price tag to determine my choice haha.. when it came, it looked really tempting.. two pieces of perfectly grilled chicken on top of tomato puree and mashed potatoes, beautifully arranged with grilled veggies.. what not to love about this dish's appearance? the moment of truth, the taste.. the chicken was very tender and well seasoned.. it went really well with the tomato puree and the still-crunchy veggies.. the mashed potato was silky and smooth, just the way I would have want it.. I didn't find it hard to finish the whole, big plate *big grin*
Rosemary chicken

our lovely meal was closed with a plate of fresh fruits, consisted of red melon, watermelon and cherry.. such a perfect meal.. my tummy was really happy and it just boost my mood for the rest of the day..
fresh fruits

overall, it was a good meal.. I love everything about it.. but definitely would come back for more Rosemary chicken.. as for now, do you have any experience eating a full-meal yourself? come and share it with me.. meanwhile, follow my twitter for more food!

De Luca
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 A
Jl. Asia Afrika 8, Senayan
Jakarta 10270
Ph.: 6221 5725170

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