Feb 2, 2013


are you a spicy lover? well, I definitely am.. I am a huge fan of chilies, all kinds of it.. now, in Indonesia, one of the best spicy cuisine we have is from Manado.. Manado food is very famous for the spiciness combined with their fresh seafood.. in Jakarta specifically, Beautika has a special place in my heart for great Manado food.. quite pricey but definitely worth the price.. it was Sunday afternoon when I would have my weekly date with mom that we decided to go to Hang Lekir and dropped by at Beautika.. the place was quite packed as it was lunch time but we managed to find a table.. we usually picked our food from the display first, just to see the way the dishes looked and decide what to order based on the food appearance.. here's what we ordered..

cakalang rabe rica (Rp22,000 for half portion).. my favorite dish! cakalang fish is considered as part of the tuna family called skipjack tuna.. in the dish, it was cooked with lots of chilies, making it was very, very  spicy.. as commonly found in Manado restaurant, the fish served was very fresh, making the dish even more special.. it's a true recommended menu for you spicy and seafood lovers.. imagine eating the spicy fish with a plate of hot rice.. yum!

tuna kumawok (Rp22,000 for half portion).. it's actually a new menu at Beautika and we were tempted by the appetizing look and bought ourselves half a portion.. I don't know what kind of veggies were cooked with the tune but it tasted really good.. not as spicy as cakalang rabe rica, so it can be a good option for those of you who are not a bold fan of chilies.. again, the fish was very fresh which makes it the star!

bunga pepaya (Rp17,000 for half portion).. it was my mom's favorite veggies.. papaya flower buds were cooked with shredded fish.. it tasted a bit bitter but somehow delicious.. I used to hate the dish but after trying the one in Beautika, I somehow managed to like it.. my mom used to say that a good cook can make the flower buds taste less bitter and more delicious.. there, I guessed it explained..

corn patty (Rp8,500 each).. it was one expensive corn patty! a piece for Rp8,500.. but I just could not resist to order.. it was crunchy sweet corn patty and surprisingly, not oily at all..

lastly, we add a bowl of red rice (Rp9,500) for share just to keep our diet.. and ordered two cups of hot tea (Rp8,000 each) to complete our meal.. which make it a really expensive rice and tea, you know!

overall, I think some of the food were overpriced, especially those staple needs, including drinks and rice.. but the Manado specialized cuisine somehow just keep me coming back.. how can I resist when I'm so in love with their spicy Manado food? anyhow, thumbs up for Beautika for bringing the original Manado food to Jakarta.. love :)

Jl. Hang Lekir No. 1
Ph.: 6221 722 6683

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