Feb 12, 2013

Kopitiam Oey

one Saturday, I checked in Sentul in my long-forgotten facebook account.. to be specific, I checked in at Kopitiam Oey, Sentul.. and my friend directly commented on how far I can go for a cup of coffee.. so here's the story..

well, it was a lovely Saturday and my mom suddenly come out nowhere with an idea to go to Sentul area.. I honestly don't know what kind of TV shows she watched that inspired her but anyhow, we ended up driving our car to south of Jakarta.. it was still very early in the morning and we haven't had our morning coffee.. I've been willing to take her to try Kopitiam Oey for their strong coffee, since my mom is a coffee expert, imho.. so when we saw the sign heading to Kopitiam Oey, I just could not resist to park and drop by.. located inside Taman Budaya Sentul, the place was easily noticed.. consistently bringing the old China town atmosphere with wooden chairs, Chinese ornaments and tempo doeloe menu, I found this place unique and cozy at the same time..

indoor-outdoor seating area

the vintage menu

so my mom ordered the classic kopi soesoe Indotjina (Rp13,000) while I'm trying to be adventurous by ordering chai atawa teh boemboe India (Rp16,000) with a portion of roti prata susu pisang coklat keju (Rp20,000).. the coffee was enjoyable, bitter with a strong taste of caffeine.. definitely my mom's kind of coffee.. while my chai was literally milk tea with various herbs, including ginger.. and turned out not my favorite.. not that it tasted bad, but I'm not a ginger fan, thus this was definitely not my kind of drink.. my mom ended up finishing my glass.. the prata bread with all those condiments was really appetizing and tasted just as good as it looked.. however, after a few bites, I felt quite overwhelmed since a lot of different taste was bursting in my mouth.. a tad too sweet for my liking but love the prata bread..

Kopitiam Oey
Jln. Siliwangi, Taman Budaya Sentul City
Bogor, West Java
Ph.: 6221 8796 1562


  1. I loveee roti prata! and the place looks lovely :)


    1. yes, the place is really comfy.. thanks for visiting, by the way :)

  2. I'm also not a fan of Indian chai, especially the masala chai. It tasted like soup if you add it salt ;) hehehe...

    1. hahaha.. basically I'm not a fan of soup/drinks with too much herbs.. should've stick to coffee for now :P
      thanks for visiting Selba :)



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