Feb 18, 2013

Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant

last week, I had a pleasant surprise of the opportunity to taste Chinese cuisine from Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant, located in The Media Hotel & Towers.. a restaurant which offers all you can eat dim sum for only Rp69,999.. now, with that you can get your free-flow Chinese tea along with stuffing your tummy with over 40 different kinds of dim sum.. the all you can eat dim sum is available on weekends or public holidays from 08:00 to 14:00..

the restaurant was quite huge with 150 seating capacity decorated in oriental style.. dominated by typical wooden chairs and huge round tables, it's really homey.. somehow, the Chinese restaurant decorations always make me feel warm.. I love round tables since it allows us to look at each of our eating companions.. here and there, you will find Chinese ornaments which is really nice in the eyes..

now, off to the business, shall we? what you're about to see is a series of food photography.. I suggest you to kindly eat before reading this post :)

start the day with a cup of warm Chinese tea.. love the cup!
main courses station | carrot cake station
fried dim sum sections
left-right: kumis naga, roti goreng udan, guo tie
winter melon & seafood soup | Chinese congee
what's on our table.. 
stacks of bamboo steamer | shrimp har gow
crab har gaw (my favorite!) | vegetable cheong fan
onde-onde | almond rolls filled with corn custard
onde-onde filled with red bean paste, my favorite dessert! 
desserts station
fresh fruits | assorted pudding | rainbow cakes | fruit cocktail

so overall, it was a huge lunch as we were offered all of those appetizing cuisine.. and it's not even half of what is served in Dragon Court.. my top three dishes would be winter melon & seafood soup, crab har gow and onde-onde.. the soup was very delicate, clear and straight taste, generously filled with winter melon chunks, chicken and vegetables.. the crab har gow definitely got the pretty look and delicate taste as well.. and how I love those onde-onde.. yum!!

if you want to enjoy an affordable yet tasty dim sum, don't hesitate to visit Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant.. I will definitely come back for more dim sum :)

Dragon Court Chinese Restaurant
The Media Hotel & Towers
Jl. Gunung Sahari 3
Jakarta 10720


  1. Restaurant looks excellent! Pure 10! Also, food looks good too and you wrote one nice review. I like it!



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