Feb 20, 2013

Ikkudo Ichi

Ikkudo Ichi is one of the top list of Jakarta's ramen stalls.. and how good words spread fast.. I have heard about this ramen stall for quite a while and was really curious and eager to try it.. so when my brother mentioned that he wanted to try this as well, I was more than excited.. and so we traveled quite far, far away to PIK area and easily found a huge Ikkudo Ichi sign welcomed us.. we were there..

the place was quite packed that afternoon that we only managed to get a table in the outdoor dining area.. due to the hungry tummy, I didn't take any pic of the atmosphere.. but in general, it was typical Japanese ramen stall with wooden chairs and nicely decorated with Japanese lanterns in the ceiling.. the outdoor area was quite comfortable since it was windy and the service was very good and prompt.. a plus point was when the waiter gave us an extra chairs to put our bags..

the menu was mainly consisted of ramen with choices of pork broth or chicken broth.. along with it are Japanese appetizers and side dishes.. our choice of appetizer went to buta chasu aburi (Rp48,000) since they run out of gyu chasu aburi which was recommended by wanderbites.. buta chasu aburi is five slices of pork which was usually put on top of the signature pork ramen then served with crushed garlic and scallions.. personally, I prefer more slices if you really have to put such thin ones on my plate.. taste wise, the pork was very tender and smooth, the main reason why I love pork.. it was perfectly balanced with the crushed garlic to make it less porky.. still smelled and tasted too porky for my mom but I love it.. 

buta chasu aburi

now, what the use of going to a ramen stall without ordering a bowl of it? of course, we had our ramen bowls here.. my brother had the ikkudo buta kara (Rp41,900) while I shared ikkudo tori kara (Rp41,900) with my mom.. buta kara is ramen with pork-based soup served with special red sauce, pork slices, boiled eggs, wakame and sesame seeds.. while tori kara is ramen basically the same only with chicken-based soup and chicken slices.. you are allowed to choose the thickness of the broth, the oil level and the texture of the ramen, so choose wisely.. we basically chose the normal broth thickness and normal noodle texture with less oil..

I noticed that the broth (both pork and chicken) was much lighter and clearer than Ikkousha's.. and I love it! it tasted delightful.. really smooth broth as a result of the slow-long cooking process was combined with chewy ramen then added with the tender boneless chicken.. you will get a bowl of satisfaction.. the special red sauce brought almost no value added to the dish as I still added more chili powder for spiciness.. after the first sip, I also add a little bit of crushed garlic to make the dish even more enjoyable.. my brother was also enjoying his ramen and kept saying that it was good..

ikkudo buta kara

so overall, all of us had a delicate lunch and happy tummy always means happy me.. here's a look of the happy ending of ikkudo tori kara..

Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 2-3
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
North Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 9662 8677

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