Mar 12, 2013

Ah Poong

I am amazed how Indonesian people can be really creative.. specifically on the culinary business, we are lucky to have such bright people running the business.. Ah Poong is one of those ideas, which makes this place a must-visit when you're around Sentul.. a smart fusion of traditional floating market and Eat & Eat, I welcome you, Ah Poong..


the food stalls were too many to be counted that we were so confused deciding what to order.. my mom was the first one to made up her mind with sangu tutug oncom (Rp30,000).. a Sundanese dish which mainly consisted rice mixed with oncom then combined with various condiments.. hers included empal (Sundanese sweet beef), fried tofu, fried tempeh, spinach crackers, crispy salted fish and boiled vegetables, and of course, sambal terasi.. it tasted good, as my mom is a huge fan of oncom, this dish definitely matched her culinary preference..

I went with safe options by picking bakso Aheng campur spesial (Rp35,500).. Tangerang style meatballs accompanied with noodle.. other than meatballs, you can choose other fillings, including beef slices or beef innards, all based on your appearance.. I prefer pure beef and meatballs in my soup.. and taste wise, it was good! the broth was so tasty, the meatballs were great and the beef were tender! I praise the chili which making the whole dish complete.. on the down turn, the noodle was overcooked and mushy..

my brother, after really hard time deciding his lunch, picked nasi gudeg (Rp34,500) and siomay Bandung (Rp5,000 per piece).. a complete set of Jogjakarta's special dish, including chicken cooked in coconut milk, pindang tofu, krecek and chili then topped with crackers.. the look was really pleasing in the eye, but not the taste.. it was rather tasteless and failed to satisfy my brother's big tummy.. his siomay Bandung which consisted of 6 pieces -yes, he was that hungry- unfortunately was another miss.. the siomay tasted pure flour, I can't taste any fish in it and the peanut sauce was not helping.. he was really disappointed.. 

by the time we finished our lunch, it was raining quite heavily thus making us stay longer.. it was actually a really nice atmosphere, the weather was cool and the sound of raindrops on the river was relaxing.. however, it's just really easy to be tempted by the stalls that we decided to have a bowl of mixed ronde (Rp14,000).. ronde is Indonesian style of glutinous rice balls served with ginger soup.. it tasted sweet and warm.. the ronde was chewy and in a perfect texture and the ginger soup was tummy-warming.. 

overall, it was a nice family experience at Ah Poong.. the food was somehow a mix of enjoyment and disappointment but perhaps it's just us making the wrong decision.. I will definitely come back for mind relaxing :)

Ah Poong
Pasar Apung Sentul City

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  1. Hi Miss Banker, it appears that you had a great time in Ah Poong. Its pretty much similar to Eat & Eat, tapi kenapa yah, it feels like they have an invisible pulls that makes you want to keep coming back. Weird.



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