Apr 7, 2013

Cimory Riverside

as time went by, I realized that the life here in Jakarta can be really stressful.. the work loads, the social pressure, not to mention the terrible traffic and a short getaway is just what I need.. of course, I would love to travel further and see the world, but in the mean time, I am still thankful for a short trip to Bogor, the rain city where I can rest my mind for a while.. Now let me welcome you to Cimory Riverside..

this place is beautifully located on the side of Ciliwung river, creating a very lovely atmosphere.. imagine having your weekend in the cold weather of Puncak, hearing the water flowing sound and surrounded by people you love.. heavenly! as always, Cimory always managed to fill in their restaurant with lots of cow accessories.. just look how cute they are welcoming me..

I came here with my mom and brother during a coffee break time.. and we were not too hungry that  we prefer to have some light meals.. I had strawberry juice (Rp26,500) while my brother had blueberry yogurt shake (Rp25,500) and we shared a portion of fried mushrooms (Rp29,500).. my strawberry juice was thick and pure which I love.. though I forgot to order it unsweetened, but it was still a good strawberry juice.. my brother's blueberry yogurt shake was not my favorite.. combining yogurt and blueberry juice was not my thing.. I prefer fresh juices to yogurt shake..

as for the fried mushrooms, you can definitely see that the serving size was way too small for such a price.. I was disappointed, in terms of serving size and taste.. I even made a conclusion for my next visit not to order any food there and stick to the drinks.. atmosphere-wise, it was still really a beautiful afternoon well spent!

Cimory Riverside
Jalan Raya Puncak KM 76
Bogor, Indonesia


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  2. Udah kesini. Tempatnya bagus. Sejuk dan pemandangannya bagus. Lokasinya juga tidak terlalu naik ke atas, jadi gak kena macet. Makanannya sih gak ada yg terlalu istimewa he he



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