May 4, 2013

Momi & Toys Creperie

I can't believe how long I have abandoned this blog.. well, things have been really, really busy with all the work stuffs.. irresponsible me.. anyway, let's go to business with this new post..

Momi & Toys Creperie stood out to introducing themselves as a creperie.. I considered this is a brave act since crepes is not a popular dish here in Jakarta for main course.. we, Indonesian people, love rice too much as our staple food that we usually pass those restaurants not selling rice.. however, I believe that Momi & Toys Creperie managed to steal the attention.. located in Plaza Senayan, this small eatery have their own fans..

simply decorated in blue and wood furniture, I found this place really intimate and very cozy.. I love my spot, on the corner of the store where I can definitely have my own quite time.. if I had not gone there with my mom, I believed I would have lost the trace of time and spent the entire day there having my personal me-time.. anyway, it was a lovely Saturday evening and we were having our early light dinner..

a refreshing ice green tea and honey lemon frutte to start our evening.. the honey lemon frutte was very refreshing but a tad too sweet for my taste buds.. I personally would prefer more sourness in my drink.. the ice green tea was somehow nice.. it has the clean and really smooth taste.. perhaps some other time, I need to travel to Japan and taste the real green tea..

for our crepes, we opted strawberry cream with choco ice cream and original chicken salad with mayonaise.. I expected that the chicken salad will come first, but somehow, our strawberry cream crepes come first.. my first impression was how small the portion was compared to the price.. upon tasting, I realized that the taste worth every Rupiah spent.. it was one silky, smooth crepes, simply combined with whipped cream and fresh strawberries then accompanied with chocolate ice cream.. the crepes was definitely a star.. I would want to eat them more.. the chocolate ice cream has a rough texture and not too sweet.. 

the savory crepes was a bit crispier than the sweet ones.. filled with chicken chunks, lettuce and mayonnaise, this one was another star.. I love how the whole dish blend harmoniously within one bite.. the small portion is the recurring issue, but the taste was superb..

I didn't record each price, but it was around Rp130,000 for all of the above dishes.. a bit pricey for a light meals.. I would still say it was worth it but perhaps will not visit this creperie too often as this may endangered my wallet.. 

Momi & Toys Creperie
Plaza Senayan
Level 3 Unit 302C
T: @momiandtoys_ind

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