Sep 14, 2013

Madame Lily

hello there.. it's been three months.. THREE MONTHS since my last post.. I owe you all an apology, fellow readers.. busy was the main an excuse but I did have several other things to be taken care of.. promise that I will write more often and hopefully I can juggle my professional, personal and food life :) in the mean time, here's a super late post..

passing Plaza Indonesia quite often, I have always been curious about this Victorian style restaurant, beautifully decorated in silver, grey and white.. somehow, I get a sense that this eatery is quite promising.. luckily, I have my office mates who were just as curious as I was.. so one night, after office ended, we went there simply to have a quality time.. thank God, the traffic was quite friendly that we were able to reach Plaza Indonesia within only 30 minutes.. this was an achievement, remembering that our office is located in the Jakarta's worst traffic area.. 

well, since it was a weekday, the mall was almost empty.. I love the feeling of empty malls, it's like we owned the whole building.. we managed to get a nice table in the corner of the restaurant, just right for us to update gossips, talk about the future and of course, share the laughter.. the menu was dominated with Indonesian cuisine with some hints of international cuisine.. below are those things we finally decided to have that night..

iced peach tea (Rp35,500)
caesar salad (Rp60,000)
mie ayam bakso pangsit (Rp60,000)
tahu telor (Rp40,000)
mac and cheese (Rp75,000)
the most eye-catching thing about the menu is the price charged.. well, quite a high price for Indonesian cuisine.. the iced peach tea was very refreshing with chopped peach though I wished there's more to it.. the glass was very thin that it barely quench my thirst.. the mie ayam was really nice, the noodle was al dente, a very nice texture, I must admit.. the condiments, on the other hand, was just average.. personally, it was overpriced and I don't think I would pay such a price for a portion of mie ayam.. my tahu telor tasted a bit different from other tahu telor I have ever tasted.. I do not know how to describe it, but it tasted more like tofu pancake though it was actually delicious.. I love the petis so much, the star of the dish.. the two international food we ordered, caesar salad and mac and cheese tasted really average.. they were good, but quite forgettable..

so overall, I do think that Madame Lily offered a really nice ambiance and atmosphere with very beautiful decoration.. the food was just average though.. I would probably consider to come back only for their desserts and drinks then stay hours for quality time with my friends, after having dinner some place else :)

Madame Lily
Plaza Indonesia L4 #019
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Ph.: +6221 2992 3868
Fax: +6221 2992 3858

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  1. makanan tahu telornya sungguh menggoda selera..

    btw, kamu bisa share juga menu-menu favorit kamu di sini < >



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