Sep 22, 2013

It's Autumn in Starbucks Coffee!

what do you think when you heard the word 'autumn'? well, here in Indonesia, we may not be familiar with autumn which exclusively enjoyed by our fellow four-seasons countries.. however, whenever I heard the word 'autumn', I instantly think about the orange-red falling leaves, the cool weather and warm feeling.. somehow I get the impression that autumn is very romantic though I haven't got any chance experiencing it myself.. not to worry, my friend, as Starbucks Coffee has brought us some pieces of autumn to be enjoyed with your loved ones..

the messy table of any food tasting event..

I fell in love with this cute new Starbucks tumbler

let start our journey with a cup of Starbucks' autumn blend.. a blend of coffee from Sumatra and the Antigua region of Guatemala.. expertly roasted to create a full-bodied brew with subtle spice and nuances of herbs, lemon, cedar and cocoa.. paired it with hazelnut bar (Rp24,000), newly introduced Starbucks' cream cheese sponge cake marbled with infused Starbucks Sumatra coffee sponge cake and topped with whole roasted hazelnut.. let me give you some time to enjoy the description :)

so, here's how to do it right.. once you have your cup of autumn blend, bring it near to your nose and smell it.. Starbucks' autumn blend smells very chocolaty with hints of spices.. then slurp your coffee to have the first taste.. in my opinion, autumn blend tasted really nice, not too bitter but still quite strong.. I can still taste hints of chocolate and spices though mostly my tongue taste the strong coffee.. once you slurped, take a sip to ensure all your taste buds are awaken.. then take a bite of the hazelnut bar and while it's still in your mouth, take another sip of autumn blend.. melted sweet chocolate, crunchiness of the roasted hazelnut, perfectly balanced with the bitterness of coffee.. it was heavenly and I can do that all day long :)

onto the next food parade.. let me introduce to the Starbucks' savory world.. first we have ugly chicken black pepper puff (Rp19,000).. the flaky puff pastry filled with black pepper chicken and potato then topped with bread crumbs.. why does it called 'ugly'? well, because the appearance maybe deceiving as it was considered not appetizing by the looks.. personally, I think that it was named 'ugly' because you'll get messy after eating it due to the falling bread crumbs.. taste wise, it was quite good but more like curry puff to me as I barely taste the black pepper.. another food blogger mentioned that too many potato composition compare to the chicken chunks.. but some other loved it the most.. well, talking about personal preferences.. 

this autumn, Starbucks also introduced a new coffee drink, ristretto bianco.. ristretto is a very short shot of espresso while bianco means 'white' in Italy.. together, ristretto bianco is a rich, pleasantly smooth and velvety espresso beverage.. it was created by forcing less water through the coffee, which results in a fuller bodied shot with a deep, rich favor.. in summary, a stronger and richer espresso mixed with microfoam steamed milk which was poured to a a small white forms on top.. my ristretto bianco was marked with a cute, little heart on top.. it tasted really good! I love the not-too-bitter taste of the coffee, combined with smooth, silky milk foam.. it was definitely much stronger than the usual espresso and I bet every coffee addict will love one..

continuing our journey with the smoked chicken croissant sandwich (Rp42,000).. baked butter croissant spread with mayonnaise layered with lettuce, smoked chicken, tomato and cheddar cheese.. it was my favorite dish of the night.. served cold, the croissant was very smooth and buttery, just perfect for the cold smoked chicken and veggies.. I truly love Starbucks' way to serve their sandwich cold, only to ensure that the veggies were kept fresh.. however, if you want your sandwich warm, simply ask your local baristas and they will be happy to help..

the last new drink was salted caramel mocha which can be served warm, iced or as frappuccino blended beverage.. creamy mix of espresso and velvety steamed milk, blended with mocha sauce and toffee nut flavored syrup then topped with whipped cream, buttery caramel sauce and a mixture of turbinado sugar and smoked sea salt.. so imagine a cup of mocha coffee topped with salted caramel sauce.. it was a mix of sweet, bitter and savor on one sip.. I love the frappuccino version of this which was very refreshing.. definitely my kind of mood booster..

finally, look who's back.. red bean and green tea pudding (Rp28,000), purple yam coconut cake (Rp30,000) and strawberry crumble cheese cake (Rp35,000).. they are all ready to accompany your coffee break..

Starbucks Coffee
World Trade Centre II - Lower Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29
Jakarta 12930

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