Sep 25, 2013

Beyond Oysters and Champagne

oysters and champagne are match made in heaven.. they are classic food-beverage pairing.. the experts said that the smooth taste of champagne marries perfectly with the rich flavor of oysters, especially when both are served chilled.. I guessed that's the main idea of 'Beyond Oysters and Champagne' brought to you by Keraton Lounge.. every Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Keraton brought you the finest, freshest and most succulent imported oysters, served alongside Alaskan King Crabs and Jumbo Shrimps, accompanied by an endless pour of Billecart-Salmon Champagne.. the menu set options are available between 6 pcs or 12 pcs, with or without endless pour of Champagne..
  • 6 pcs of seafood combination without unlimited Champagne at Rp250,000++
  • 6 pcs of seafood combination with unlimited Champagne at Rp850,000++
  • 12 pcs of seafood combination without unlimited Champagne at Rp395,000++
  • 12 pcs of seafood combination with unlimited Champagne at Rp995,000++

'Beyond Oysters and Champagne' is held in the Keraton Lounge, beautifully decorated in modern and ethnic furniture.. I found this place was very cozy and heart-warming.. loving every details of the lounge.. anyway, let's start our journey with Keraton as our host.. started with the non-alcoholic luxury collection cocktail, java tai (Rp110,000).. a mix of black pepper syrup, lychee, fresh lime juice and local pineapple juice.. personally, I think the fresh lime juice overpower the other ingredients, creating a strong bitter-sour taste.. fortunately, I can still taste a hint of pineapple juice though I found not black pepper taste at all.. imho, it was refreshing though I wish to have a more balanced taste..

as the night grew older, we were served our champagne, Billecart-Salmon Champagne, originated from a champagne house in France, founded in 1818 after the marriage of Nicolas Fran├žois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon.. acknowledged to be a few to remained family-owned (source: Wikipedia).. I'm not an expert, so forgive me for being an amateur.. in my opinion, the champagne was nice.. not too bitter with a strong fruity flavor.. I actually loved it.. though I cannot drink much remembering I drive home all alone.. remember that the champagne here is served free-flow, so you can actually have as much as you wanted.. 

then comes the seafood parade.. let the star comes in first, the fresh Fine de Claire oysters, specially brought to you from French.. the oysters were still alive, as I can hear their sounds when I was taking pictures.. the oysters were graded based on their sizes, grade 1 are the largest.. and what we were having that night were grade 2, just perfect bite-size for me.. it was my first time having fresh oysters, and it was great! really, I would have never thought that I would fall for these creatures, but I did.. they were served chilled and really fresh, not fishy at all.. I learned from Natasha to eat it with lemon juice and tabasco.. guessed what? it was awesome.. loved the mix of oysters' freshness and spicy-sour condiments.. thank God for oysters :)

Keraton does not only serves the fresh oysters, but also baked oysters.. this is an option for those of you who just cannot stand eating fresh seafood.. the oysters were baked with spinach and cheese, or known as gratin.. it was the best dish of the night.. I love every bit of this dish.. again, the oysters are fresh and perfectly matched with the baked spinach and cheese.. I would recommend this dish to everyone of you..

other seafood you can choose for your plate includes Alaskan King Crab and Jumbo Shrimps.. both are served chilled and fresh.. nothing is better than crunchy, juicy and sweet taste of fresh seafood.. one thing I can assure you, the size of these seafood are huge.. of course, you do not have to mess your hands opening these seafood, as they will be served to you at your most convenient way.. I prefer to eat those with no dipping to ensure I get the best taste of it.. but of course, it's our own choice.. the dipping sauces were also available according to your preference..

overall, I had a great time at Keraton Lounge, accompanied with the freshest seafood and other food blogger.. moreover, we got ourselves a very nice host.. thank you for having me, Keraton and ciao!


Keraton Lounge
Keraton at the Plaza
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 15
Jakarta 10350
Ph.: +6221 5068 0000

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