Sep 28, 2013

Kembang Tandjung

one of the hardest decision during working days would be deciding where to have lunch.. yes, that's exactly our problem.. with our office located in casablanca area, our eating area choices are very limited, we cannot go too far due to the heavy traffic.. so we managed to find this little gem in Sampoerna Strategic Square, Kembang Tandjung.. selling Indonesian cuisine which can never go wrong and beautifully decorated in wooden furniture, this is a small and very comfortable eatery..

we ordered the classic Indonesian street food, fried rice - nasi goreng (Rp23,000) and fried noodle - mie goreng (Rp23,000), added with stri-fried mushrooms - tumis jamur (Rp15,000).. unexpectedly, all the food tasted really good! similar to the original street food, only I can trust their hygiene.. the fried rice, which we ordered spicy, was excellent with a generous portion.. the noodle tasted almost the same, but we had it less spicy.. the stir-fried mushrooms was another smart choice.. mixed of oyster mushrooms (jamur tiram), jelly ears (jamur kuping) and baby corns, topped with fried shallots.. all the mushrooms were fresh and crunchy with not too overpowering seasoning.. love it!

the star of our lunch, however, went to fermented cassava cake - kue tape singkong (Rp15,000).. it was similar to baked fermented cassava topped with chocolate sprinkles, cheese and brown sugar, garnished with fresh strawberry and served with liquid caramel sugar.. I love everything about this dish! I am such a sucker for baked fermented cassava.. nomnomnom..

overall, a nice eatery with very affordable price and delicious cuisine.. I love every menu we had and love the cozy atmosphere as well..

Kembang Tandjung
Sampoerna Strategic Square LG-24
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 45-46

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  1. Wow what an inspirations. Nice to know there is a place in a business district that sell traditional food. Thx for the info.

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