Dec 29, 2013


it has been a while since my last post here.. I have been missing this blog so much *virtual hug*.. well, I have been really busy lately, so please accept my sincere apology.. hope it's not too late to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. may your days be merry and bright :)

anyway, let's get into business.. it is December already and I still can't believe how time flies.. and as always, there was a Christmas dinner shared with my best friends, only to celebrate that our friendship somehow managed to survive another year.. this year, it was Loewy voted as our dinner venue.. yes, we were not that adventurous in trying new restaurants.. the traffic was horrible on 23rd of December.. the table has been reserved previously so we didn't have to queue.. FYI, the table is yours only for two hours.. gosh, I hate restaurants limiting your time for eating.. 

so off to business, let's place our orders.. remembering the horrible traffic before, there sitting six hungry girls which basically can eat anything.. but let's start slow with the quencher as I remebered being really thirsty that night.. I decided to have something warm, as my stomach was not too cooperative.. it was chamomile organic tea 30k which tasted quite ordinary.. I love the teapot, though.. my other friends uniformly picked ice lychee tea 30k..

now, let's continue our journey with the food, stars of the nights.. while waiting for all the girls to arrived, we decided to have the appetizers first.. from the finger food menu, we ordered classic nachos 40k and spicy garlic chicken wings 50k.. the nachos were quite nice.. crispy texture with generous fillings.. the portion was quite small, but then again, it was in the finger food section.. the spicy garlic chicken wings was a bit disappointing.. the chicken was too dry and bland.. the chili and garlic was not helping either.. 

after eating bits of those finger food, off we went serious to the main courses.. the main menu was quite extensive with selection of steak, pasta and Loewy's main specialties.. truffle mac and cheese 95k, seafood a la plancha 145k, dory meunière 115k and chicken wellington 85k were our choices.. 

the truffle mac and cheese arrived first, it was served with gruyère & smoked beef.. to be honest, I underestimated this dish, because I thought mac and cheese is for kids, or you can simply go to nearest supermarket and have the instant ones.. I have never been so wrong as it was the best dish of the night! warm, creamy and really tasty.. I supposed it was the truffle that made the dish so special.. it was told that French gourmand used to call truffles, the diamonds of the kitchen.. the dish was so perfect that we ordered another portion of it! it's too good to be missed, really..

next, we had seafood a la plancha.. a la plancha actually means grilled on a metal plate.. in Loewy, you can find fish, prawns, calamari on top of zucchini & eggplant, served with potato wedges, lemon slice and aioli.. the seafood was fresh but nothing quite special about it.. a bit bland for my palate and overpriced for my wallet..

the second best dish of the night would be dory meunière, served with steamed asparagus and baby potatoes.. now, please take a minute to look at the yellow thing wrapped in white piece of cloth, which was actually lemon.. Loewy was very thoughtful.. the cloth was there to prevent any lemon seeds falling over your food while you're pressing the lemon for its juice.. I was quite impressed.. what's even more impressing was the taste of this dish.. I love everything about it, the fish, the asparagus and the potatoes.. perfect dishes all in a single plate.. now, if you are as curious as I am, according to Wikipedia, meunière is the way of cooking by dredging the fish in seasoned flour then cooking in a hot sauté pan with a small amount of clarified butter; after the fish has been removed, meunière sauce were made by adding fresh butter, parsley and lemon.. and that's just how this beautiful dish was created..

chicken wellington arrived late, as warned by our waiter.. chicken breast rolled in mushroom pâté and wrapped in puff pastry, served with fresh greens and brown sauce.. I am a sucker for puff pastries, and this dish was no difference.. the chicken breast was a bit hard and bland when eaten alone, but the brown sauce came to rescue.. putting it altogether made the dish balanced with no single overpowering taste.. though this tasted quite simple, I loved it..

overall, we had a great night at Loewy.. the dishes were scrumptious and the companions are the best! the thing bothering us was only the no-smile service and two-hour limitation for our table.. I surely will be back in the future, but I will choose to come on not so busy hours.. 

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