Jan 15, 2014

Crematology Coffee Roasters

I am a coffee lover, well, a coffee addict actully.. It is a must to have a cup of coffee everyday.. Always remember that "a day without coffee is like sleep".. However, I noticed that Jakarta used to offer only those franchise coffee brand, which, in my opinion, has a decreasing quality day by day.. Lucky for a coffee lover like me, Jakarta nowadays is flooded with local, small artisan coffee, with curated coffee beans gathered from Indonesia.. I must say that I am quite spoiled and even overwhelmed by the amount of the new comers in town..

It was Saturday afternoon and the traffic was quite friendly.. My friend and I drove to Senopati with no specific destination, but keen to try one of the coffee shops there.. We have heard of Crematology Coffee Roasters and more than willing to give it a try.. The place is quite easy to be found and we arrived around 1:00 pm, which is not really common for people to have their coffee.. 

Let me tell you, I fell in love with this place instantly.. What not to love? Soft caramel color which dominates the whole area actually brought a nice, homey feeling.. Love the chairs and sofa, well basically everything! Wood is the main element of the shop, which combined with a hint of light grey.. It was modern and chic.. The coffee bar is located at the end of the room where you have to place your orders.. Next to the cashier is a mini display of cake selections.. And in the wall behind the coffee bar, written "Home to the finest baristas in Jakarta".. Well, we'll see..

We picked a corner sofa for two with a really short wooden table.. My friend was really afraid of accidentally kicking the table haha.. But I really love our spot.. It was private, cozy and intimate.. Definitely my kind of coffee shop..

I decided to have a cup of hot coffee latte 30k and my companion picked the ice version of it.. My friend loved her iced latte and finished it within split second.. Mine came shortly after, topped with a swirl latte art.. The coffee taste stood out as I had my first sip.. It was quite strong but smoothly went well with the cream.. The sweetness level is yours to decide, but I prefer my coffee a bit bitter, so I decide no to add any sugar.. Overall, it was a pleasant experience having coffee in Crematology and I will surely be back for more..

it's the short table :)

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No. 25
Senopati, South Jakarta

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