Jan 7, 2014

Starbucks Winter Indulgence

now, which one of you do not know the name Starbucks Coffee? it's definitely the most successful and largest coffee chain in the world, bringing coffee to more than 60 countries.. what I love most about Starbucks is the homey feeling I get in every store and the continuous innovation which brought new menus in every three months.. the living proof of never get too satisfied with your current achievement.. at the end of 2013, I was lucky to be invited to a food tasting panel held in the new Starbucks store in MD Place, Kuningan.. this was aimed to introduce Asian Dolce Frappucinno and three new food menu, which will be launched on January 7, 2014 and available until March 3, 2014.. so be sure you dont't miss it..

here's a sneak peak on how the Asian Dolce Frappucinno would look like.. it's a blend of dark roasted coffee, signature espresso, rich sweetness of Dolce sauce, blended together and classically topped with whipped cream.. in my humble opinion, I loved it! I can taste the strong coffee which should be enough to wake me up.. the Asian Dolce is also available in iced and latte.. I usually prefer hot coffee to the cold one since I can taste stronger caffeinne, but the frappuccino was quite strong already.. so the choice is yours ;)

like I mentioned above, Starbucks launches three new food menus.. let's start our journey with Potato Salad with Fruity Kraftkorn 32k.. it's a sandwich made from kraftkorn mix and folded with raisins, apricots and walnuts; layered with potato salad.. alright, let's be honest.. initially, I thought mixing sweet kraftkorn with the savory potato salad was a big mistake.. I mean, combining raisins and salty potato just doesn't seem to make sense to me.. however, I was so wrong.. it was really good! I love the sweet savory combination in one bite.. the potato salad was really delicious!

our second menu is Smoked Chicken and Mushroom Croissant 26.5k.. baked buttery croissant dough, filled with smoked chicken and mushroom then topped with bechamel sauce and cheese.. this has successfully become the highlight of the night.. it was really delicious! I love everything about it.. the croissant was buttery and crunchy, perfectly combined with the generous fillings.. you should not miss this one..

lastly, came the only sweet dish of the night, Rhubarb and Apple Crumble 30k, sweet buttery almond dough filled with tangy rhubarb, combined with fresh apples and topped with almond crumble.. it looked very pleasing in the eyes.. the beautiful dessert.. however, I tasted that the dish was too sweet for my tastebuds.. fellow foodies thought the dish would've been more balanced if there were more sourness from the rhubarb.. I like the crumbles though..

Starbucks Coffee
MD Place Kuningan Ground Floor
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7
South Jakarta

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