Feb 27, 2014

Elicxir Nitrogen Gelato

It doesn't really matter what the weather is, for me everyday is a good day to have some ice cream. I am one blessed girl knowing that Jakarta is flooded with the new, uprising liquid nitrogen gelato. So what is this infamous liquid nitrogen gelato? Well, apparently science, through this chemical thing called liquid nitrogen, has made it possible to froze ice cream from 4-5 hours previously to less than a minute. This has made it possible to have the so-called freshly made ice cream. And you can watch the science take their place as the ice cream/gelato is made upon your orders. Exciting, eh? 

Elicxir Nitrogen Gelato, a home to various delicious gelato, are releasing their latest innovation. And I was so lucky having a chance trying them.. Prepare to drool, people! Elicxir Nitrogen Gelato introduced the Classic Hand-Blended, which differs from the Classic Gelato in the way of making, as the toppings are blended by hand to keep the good, crunchy shape.. It will cost Rp 60k per 5 oz cup..

wait a minute, your gelato will be ready shortly

Nitrogen Gelato in the making
from Ambon to Netherlands
This one instantly became my favorite. Banana cream gelato made from fresh Ambon bananas, served with Hollan honey gingerbread cookies. Oh, how I love the smooth texture of the gelato, and the Ambon banana taste really stood out. The gingberbread cookies were pure joy. Never thought I would fall in love so easily to Ambon banana, but this surely not to be missed! 

everything about Marie
It's something that we all have been familiar about, our classic Marie Regal biscuit made into gelato. What's not to love? The slight sweetness from the old, classic Marie Regal biscuits meet the smooth gelato texture then topped with real Marie Regal biscuits. Talking about a child's favorite.

toast my jam
This is Elicxir's flavor of February. French toast gelato with a shot of srikaya jam. Love it to the max! It's like having your favorite breakfast in a gelato form. The sweetness level was just right, which made me able to finish the whole bowl all by myself. Yes, I'm quite stingy when it comes to food. The srikaya jam was a darling, and together, they are all you need to survive a bad day :)

love on top
Celebrate the Valentine's day with your loved ones with red rum gelato topped with strawberry milk gelato (heart shaped on top), cream cheese foam and love velvet cookies. Feel the love, already? Do not be afraid as the rum has been flambe to remove the alcohol. Love the red rum gelato though I think I'll go only without the strawberry milk gelato. The appearance of this cup is definitely full of love. I love you too, dear Elicxir.

a closer look of gelato texture
So overall, it was a pleasant experience in Elicxir. I love the place so much, the decoration and wall paintings. I enjoyed watching those guys prepare our gelato. Science rocks! Moreover, I fell in love with the smooth texture of the gelato. Thank God for liquid nitrogen gelato!

Elicxir Nitrogen Gelato
Plaza Indonesia Extension Lv5#019
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 15350
Ph.: 6221 2992 3717

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