Feb 24, 2014

Ninety Nine

I love February. It's my birthday month and the same month everybody celebrates love. This year, another number has been added to my age and I couldn't be more thankful to the Lord. I am blessed with so much love and I couldn't be happier.

On my birthday, a very good friend of mine took me on a birthday dinner date. As I got the priviledge to choose our dining venue, I decided to pick Ninety Nine in Pesanggrahan area. The reason is quite simple, it's close to our neighbourhood so we will avoid any unnecessary traffic and I love the ambience. Located in the 2nd floor of Ranch Market building, the eatery is very homey and cozy. Dimmed lights and wooden furniture with vintage tiles are enough to keep me coming back. 

When we arrived, the eatery was quite crowded, butt we managed to get a table quickly. The menu is quite extensive with selection of Asian, Indonesian and Western cuisine. But that night, we decided to go Western. I was having sor throat so I decided to have a cup of hot honey lemon to warm my body. As for the main course I went with dory fillet. My company chose mushroom cappuccino to start and picked her favorite vegetarian aglio olio fettucinne for dinner.

My honey lemon was hearty. It was warm and sweet, perfect for that rainy Saturday night. The mushroom cappuccino is actually mushroom soup topped with milk froth, so it looks like a cup of cappuccino. The soup tasted just okay but we wished it was a little thicker. However, I dislike the milk froth as it tasted a bit weird. Her vegetarian aglio olio fettucinne consiste of sundried tomato, garlic, olive and spinach. I didnt't try it, but it's her favorite, so I assume it was fine.

My dory fillet looked very appetizing. A plate of pan-fried dory in crumbs served with tomato rice and sauteed green veggies. I love dory fish, it was fresh and tender. I prefer not too much crumbs though as they retained too much oil. The tomato rice was a nice surprise. Tasted a bit sour from the tomato, the rice was pretty much my favorite. It went well with both the dory fish and green veggies, which tasted a bit bitter. 

Overall, I had a nice dinign experience in Ninety Nine. I love the ambiance so much and the service was also satisfying. Moreover they have a 20% off neighbourhood promotion, which means you can get a 20% discount if you're living nearby. I cannot mention any price tag as this was a treat and I'm not allowed to look at the price tag. 

Ninety Nine
Ranch Market Building 2nd Floor
Jln. Pesanggrahan Raya no.2
West Jakarta

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