Feb 19, 2014

Ayam Suwir Si Kentung

Jakarta has been one hell of a busy city.. We, Jakartans, are challenged to juggle between our jobs, hobby and sneaking some gym time to maintain our health.. Not to add the horrible traffic we had to face every day.. Each day we are required to get up earlier just to avoid those time-consuming journey from home to office.. And I think it's my main reason that I cannot prepare my home-made lunch.. I have woke up too early and I cannot afford an earlier schedule to sneak in the lunch preparation.. Excuse, you may say, but I bet I'm not alone haha..

To my difficult situation, I was introduced to Ayam Suwir Si Kentung, ready-to-eat, freshly cooked shredded chicken packed in 250gr plastic bag, cost only for 30k each plus delivery fee.. It's enough for four meals of a single person.. 

Now what is in those plastic bag? Like I've mentioned above, it's filled with 250gr of spiced, cooked ready-to-eat shredded chicken, available in original and spicy flavor.. All you have to do is put them up in the microwave or heat them up on the stove for a while.. Serve them on top of hot steamed rice.. And voila.. Your lunch is ready! Life is so much simpler now.. I can easily brought the package and steamed rice to office then heat them up in office's microwave..

How about the taste, you ask? Well, it's delicious! I am a fan of their original flavor.. The spicy one was really giving kick to your tongue.. You can see chili chunks here and there.. So for you, who do not fancy spicy food, please have their original ones.. Moreover,the fact that it's shredded chicken, makes it easier for me to eat with no dirty hands involved..

I had a nice, healthy lunch with Ayam Suwir Si Kentung.. Do not worry about the hygiene and freshness of the chicken as they were cooked right before delivered to your door.. Good food, great taste and smart price are the perfect combination for a hearty lunch.. I heart you :)

Ayam Suwir Si Kentung
Ph.: 62852 8226 4560
Blackberry PIN: 293515DA

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