Feb 3, 2014

The Holy Crab

Calling all seafood lovers! Be prepared to get your hands dirty for these finger-licking good crabs! Brought to you directly from Alaska, prepared in Louisiana style, this is a hit definitely not to be missed.. Located in the hustle Senopati area, The Holy Crab has come to satisfy your hunger for delicate seafood.. The eatery is schedule to be opened on Feb 3, 2014, managed under the Ersons Foods which has brought you the famous Santouka Hokaido Ramen.. 

Stepping in to the newly established restaurant, I can feel the strong ambiance of Southern American influence (those I saw in Hollywood movies).. Decorated in wooden, red furniture with of beach accents, it's just so homey.. Not to mention the bright lights, which made everything seems more cheerful.. They even paint 'The Dummies' Guide to De-shelling' for those (like me) who have limited clue  on what to do with the crabs.. How considerate :)

I actually read those guidance when I'm dealing with my crabs.. They're helpful!

Start slow with their appetizers to wake your taste buds up.. First up is fish and chips crispy fish finger 60k and cajun fries 25k.. Deep fried dory fish in a bite-size cut is the classic American dish.. The tender and silky fish texture combined with the crunchy coating are the best American classic.. I love the fresh fish texture, but found the seasoning a tad too salty for my palate.. Their cajun fries is a darling, though.. Well-seasoned crunchy shoestring fries are my favorite! I know how many calories they contained, but I just could not resist to have some more.. Just a little bit more, please?

Next up is house deep fried chicken wings 45k.. Chicken wings drenched in generous BBQ sauce.. I used to think that chicken wings can only be delicious at certain level, then nothing more.. I was so wrong.. This, my friend, should make to your must-try list! Those juicy-chicken-wings-in-lots-of-BBQ-sauce are to die for.. Go grab yours!

By now, your tummy must be ready for the star.. The main reason why we all came to The Holy Crab, the CRABS! *crowd cheering* There is no plates whatsoever for the crabs.. They are delivered to your table in a plastic bag, then you can pour all of it to the paper-covered-table.. Then get your hands dirty by eating those directly from the table.. New, exciting way of eating.. Before we go further, I need to equip you with some weapons in this crab war, just to ensure you get the best of it..
1. The Holy Crab's plastic apron.. It's to keep your clothes from the devilish, delish sauce and succulent crab meat..
2. Shellfish cracker shell opener (crab zipper) and wood hammer.. The important tools to ensure you get all the meat from the poor crab.. Especially the crab zipper, I adore whoever found this magical tools!
3. Lots of tissue.. Because you're eating with your hands and it's just not polite to clean your fingers by licking them, you're an adult and you have to be classy, right? Well, screw this! Just lick your fingers!

Ladies and gentlemen, here come the best part.. Let me introduce you to the mighty Dungeness Crab.. Imported directly from Alaska, exclusively by The Holy Crab, it is one of the most popular crustacean in the culinary world as one-quarter of their weight is meat.. Now that's considered a lot of meat for a crab.. Spoil your eyes with the food porn ahead..

I did not use that wood hammer though, it's photo props.. I simply follow the guide for dummies.. All you need is pull up the shell to open the crab then break the remaining part into two pieces.. Continue with breaking each crab leg, then unzip it using the magical shellfish cracker shell opener.. Voila! The delicate, succulent crab meat are all yours! Or if you are too busy to read, simply ask the waiters.. They are more than willing to help you.. Loving the service here :)

Way beyond my expectation, the crab meat is heavenly! Nice meat texture with a slightly sweet taste.. I have never tasted anything like this before.. The crabs were very fresh and you won't find any fishy smells whatsoever.. Add more to the goodness by dipping the crab meat into the superb Louisiana chili sauce.. It is a match made in heaven.. I finally understand the meaning of finger-licking-GOOD!

Second is the snow crab legs.. It is named so due to the sweet, delicate, snow-white meat.. Also brought from Alaska to your dining table, this crab legs are another recommended menu in The Holy Crab.. Attention peeps, another food-porn ahead..

Those are surely gigantic crab legs.. Snow crabs are served in a plastic bag, drenched in The Holy Crab's secret chili sauce.. Actually, The Holy Crab offers one type of chili sauce for the seafood selection, only the hotness level is ranging from mild, medium, spicy and Holy Moly! Mine was medium and I, as a chili-holic, found it not spicy at all.. I think I probably should try the Holy Moly! some other time in the future..

How to eat those gigantic legs? I broke the crab joints then again, unzip the crab leg shell using the magical shellfish cracker shell opener.. I was just so stunned with the way this tool works.. Opening a crab shell has never been this easy.. In the below picture, you can see the crack in the crab leg as the result of the shellfish cracker shell opener.. Oh, and of course, the sweet, delicate, snow-white meat.. Do excuse all the chaos in the back, you just can not eat crab neatly..

Other than crabs, The Holy Crab also offered lobster, shrimps and clams.. Too bad I didn't try any other menu.. The shrimps looked very appetizing though.. Pretty, eh?

The imported crab and lobster prices are seasonal, so we all have to pray for our luck.. The shrimps are priced 28k per 100 gr, while clams are 20k per 100 gr.. To accompany you eating the crabs, The Holy Crab offers various sides selection, from sausage, sweet corn, cajun fries, and even steamed rice, ranging from 15k to 25k.. But if you are looking for something light, grab their snacks selection, which includes calamari, fish fingers, chicken strips and chicken wings ranged from 25k to 50k..

The Holy Crab will be opened for public on February 3, 2014 5:00 PM sharp! Overall, it was a (more than) great experience I had in The Holy Crab.. Thanks to Executive Chef/Owner Albert Wijaya and Willy for being such a nice, helpful host.. Wishing you more success in the future and cheers to the opening of The Holy Crab!

quotes in a wooden board, placed in the restroom wall :)

The Holy Crab
Jln. Gunawarman No. 55
Senopati, South Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2923 6155
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