Aug 26, 2012

Santouka Hokaido Ramen

well, ramen has definitely got itself some fans here in Jakarta.. a lot of ramen stalls were mushrooming all over our lovely city.. Santouka was one of the most successful ramen chain.. opening its first branch in Plaza Indonesia, this stall is always packed with lots of hungry Jakartans, looking for something good to eat..

I made my visit during Ramadhan month, thus the place not so packed and quite friendly.. a usual after office date with my best friend.. once seated, we were directly served with two glasses of free iced water.. such a thirst quencher since Jakarta was quite hot these days.. Santouka's ramen is mainly divided into four types of soup including shio (salty flavor), miso (soybean paste flavor), shoyu (soy sauce flavor) and kara miso (spicy soybean paste flavor).. the red broth of kara miso ramen had caught my eyes so I decided to try kara miso ramen - small (Rp73,000).. my dinner mate, on the other hand, chose toroniku miso ramen - medium (Rp118,000).. actually toroniku ramen is Santouka's signature ramen, serving pork cheek (toroniku cha siu) in a separate plate and ramen in another bowl..

soon enough, our orders were coming to our table.. a small portion of my kara miso ramen seemed to be quite huge for my standard.. red appetizing pork broth was definitely very much pleasing in my eyes.. a slice of cha siu, bamboo sprouts and noodles mixed in one hot soup bowl.. first bite and I love it.. it was milky and smooth with a hint of spiciness.. I prefer to add more chili, since it was not spicy enough for me.. I love the ramen which was perfectly cooked.. it was a complete, satisfying dish served in one bowl.. my friend let me tried a piece of the famous pork cheek and it was above my expectation.. it was very tender and delicious.. quite pricey, but worth the taste.. not too often would be a smart move..

overall, I had a great time.. good food with a very nice companion.. the service was quite fast and I was satisfied.. again, eating here would be a little costly but worth the visit :)

Santouka Ramen
Plaza Indonesia 5th floor #E-11
Jl. M.H Thamrin Kav. 28-30


  1. compare with marutama, which one is the best ?
    nice review btw :D

    1. haii.. blum pernah coba marutama niihh :(
      nanti saya coba dulu yah.. trus lapor disini :D



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