Sep 2, 2012


it was always nice to turn co-workers to friends.. I am quite lucky, I must say, to have these two wonderful girls I know from office and to become friends.. we became those three girls, having a huge passion of food, new restaurants, movies and shopping.. it seemed that we have a chemistry to complete each other.. I cherish their presence during the hard and stressful times at office.. before Eid Mubarak holiday, we have made a promise to spend the last night before holiday to hang out.. it has been a while, since we really had our quality time.. again, blame it to the work loads.. 

"where to go" was a typical question which we always left hanging until the time to leave office arrived.. we actually planned to go to Plaza Senayan, trying our luck to perhaps get Union's red velvet cake.. however, we only managed to get out of office around 6.30 p.m which almost ensure us that we will only be wasting our time.. based on that, we quickly switched our direction to Plaza Indonesia, and decided to have night snack at Playground.. it was one of those places we actually have wanted to visit for a while but never got the chance to..

through a less than 30 minutes ride, we reached Plaza Indonesia.. Jakarta's traffic was really friendly.. after going around the mall for a while, we then settle ourselves at the cozy swing seats at Playground.. the eatery itself was very catchy and cute.. as a childish person (at least I admit it), I really enjoy the whole atmosphere the restaurant offers.. unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the restaurant.. and that's why you have to come and experience it yourself or at least, pass through it when you're at Plaza Indonesia.. 

"what to order" was another typical question.. we took quite some time to go through the menu and finally decided to order drinks only and share one appetizer.. I found the menu categories, names and explanations very amusing and really fun just by reading it.. for instance, they named their salad sections 'children's enemies' and those fatty snacks sections 'when mom's away'.. how can you not love those cute names.. from the drinks sections, one that caught my eyes was shella's painkiller from the mocktail selections since it has my name on it.. on the bottom of the drink menu, there's this huge tagline of 'Confuse? Give Up?' continued with omakaze (Rp120,000) which is a Japanese phrase that means 'it's up to you' (let our bartender surprises you!).. whoa, now that's one-of-a-kind menu which basically fulfills those 'i don't know' girls, like us.. too bad, the price was quite high that we refuse to say omakaze..

by the time you reach this paragraph, I am quite certain that you think I have been blabbering too much.. sorry, but it's just I'm in the hype mood to write.. well, off to business, then.. we decided to have princess peach (Rp45,000), foxy treats (Rp45,000) and the bully iced tea - not pictured (Rp40,000) along with PING!!! my naCHOS (Rp40,000).. a quite prompt service, all our drinks came to our table right away.. my foxy treats was great! it was very refreshing.. I can taste the harmony of lemon juice, blueberries and tea.. it was great as a night treats.. princess peach, on the other hand, was dominated with sweetness.. the peaches were generous.. however, the bully iced tea was quite disappointing.. first, it was the last drink to reach our table and second, it was filled with weird jelly.. the tea tasted just like other ordinary iced tea.. apparently we put too high expectation on that..

coming up, our PING!!! my naCHOS.. we didn't expect it to be made out of emping.. my friend was quite amazed and couldn't help but ask the waiter, "is that emping?".. so, it was indeed emping topped with minced beef cooked with chili and melted cheese, served with tomato salsa.. it was delicious! never thought that those strange mixture could taste so good.. crunchy emping with delicious toppings and really hot chili, even I love the tomato salsa.. so it was a hearty light bites we had at the ambiance so much that I would definitely come back.. yes, I'm that childish :D

Plaza Indonesia Extension
4th Floor, unit E18, E19 & E21
Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 2992 3747
Fax: 6221 2992 3749

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