Aug 23, 2012

Old Town White Coffee

another kopitiam in town.. as you all may know by now, my mom and I are such a huge fans of coffee.. so together, we always try new coffee stall or kopitiam to help us survive the day.. that one particular day in Mall Taman Anggrek, we decided to try Old Town White Coffee.. located in Ground Floor, the eatery was quite eye-catching.. with dimmed lights and dark wooden furniture, this eatery was very inviting.. the decoration implying a cozy and modern look with a touch of vintage.. I was quite impressed..

Old Town White Coffee was established in Malaysia back in 1999, and since then has expanded their business to Indonesia, Singapore and China.. well, let's get down to our business.. my mom ordered their black coffee selection of hot old town nanyang o (Rp12,000) while I chose to try their white coffee, hot old town white coffee (Rp18,000).. quite interested in the food offered, we decided to share kaya toast single (Rp10,000) and curry samosa basket (Rp22,000)..

soon enough, our orders were starting to come.. firstly arrived was our coffee in two small black cups, which smelled really good.. the terms white coffee was referring to Ipoh white coffee which coffee beans were roasted in palm-oil margarine and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk (source: wikipedia).. this was different with kopi o which coffee beans were roasted with sugar, margarine and wheat.. okay, enough with the theory.. in my humble opinion, the coffee was not the best I have tried.. the coffee was quite strong, even my so-called white coffee.. even after I add brown sugar, I can still taste the coffee bitterness and this coffee has a sour after taste, which I was not a fan of.. anyhow, the coffee was enjoyable, though was not my favorite, but it gives a new option and experience of drinking coffee..

kaya toast is definitely the best companion for coffee.. Old Town's kaya toast was definitely pleasing in the eye.. a white layer of kaya spread and butter between brown toasts was just irresistible.. it tasted awesome.. the kaya spread was not overly sweet which make the dish really enjoyable.. the brown toast was crunchy.. it was a perfect kaya toast.. the curry samosa basket took a little bit longer to arrive and it looked really disappointing.. I gave you the comparison between the actual one and the one pictured in the menu book.. HUGE differences! luckily, it tasted good that I don't have to complain.. the samosa were freshly served with a very tasty curry fillings.. 

the expectation from menu book
the actual result

overall, I think I had quite a good time at Old Town White Coffee.. good coffee and great kaya toast were not disappointing at all.. I will come back for more kaya toast.. 

Old Town White Coffee
Mall Taman Anggrek Ground Floor
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21
Ph.: 6221 563 9069


  1. LOL. Jauh banget bedanya di foto dan actual. Bumi dan langit. HAHAHAH.

    1. exactly!!! lumayan shock pas tu curry samosa dateng hahaa.. untung masih enak.. at least, some bright side :D

    2. engga siihh.. cm aga terlalu coklat aja ya penampakannya? :P



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