Feb 2, 2014


Milan is a humble eatery selling authentic Bangka cuisine.. It's located in a home/office in Greenville, West Jakarta, very near to my house.. There's nothing special about the look of the eatery, simple with basic furniture.. The main attraction here is simply their authentic Bangka cuisine, which has been acknowledge by Mr. Maknyus (read: Bondan Winarno) himself.. Due to its near location to Palembang, cuisine from Bangka are somehow similar with those originated from Palembang.. Despite the similarity, both dishes offered a unique taste in each own way.. 

I went there with my mom for a Saturday lunch and she is a huge fan of Bangka cuisine.. So I just sit nicely watching her making all of our orders, impulsively.. Here's a list of what we were eating that afternoon:

1. Lakso 6k
This one is Bangka style laksa, consisted of rice noodles drenched in fish broth and coconut milk.. The portion was quite small but I guessed it shown in the price tag.. This dish was very unique and unlike any other.. The rice noodles was tasteless, so you have to eat it together with the broth.. The broth was delicious, tasty and light.. One thing I really like is the soup was not fishy at all.. I love the strong taste of fresh shredded fish, see those yellow powder on top of the rice noodles? That's the shredded fish I'm talking about.. Add their special chili if you like a kick of spiciness..

2. Pempek Bangka (4k for pempek lenjer, 5k for fish skin cake and 7k for pempek kapal selam)
Pempek is one of the most recognized dish from southern Sumatera.. The most popular is those originated from Palembang.. However, pempek from Bangka is definitely stealing the attention as well.. FYI, the main difference between pempek from Bangka and Palembang is in the vinegar.. Pempek from Bangka is served with spicy-sour red vinegar, made from tauco (fermented soybeans), terasi (shrimp paste) and lots of chili.. While pempek from Palembang is served with sweeter brown vinegar, dominated by palm sugar.. Milan's pempek were delicious! Strong fish taste, mixed with the sour-spicy vinegar, it was just heavenly! I really love how the fish taste stood out, and not overpowered by the flour mix.. Yums!

3. Tahu Kok 20k
Popular dish from Bangka, tahu kok or thew fu kok is made from fried tofu filled with fish, then served in a fish broth along with fish balls and fish fingers.. Milan's tahu kok is a good example of how delicious a simple dish can be.. The broth smelled really good and tasted delicate.. The fish used were very fresh, leaving a nice, clean taste.. It's humble yet very refreshing.. Love it!

4. Es Kacang Merah 25k
Generous red beans cooked in sugar, drenched in coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, syrup and shaved ice.. A menu you must not miss.. The red beans were drenched in water overnight to get the soft texture of the red beans, then add sugar and a pinch of salt to get their best flavor..

Greenville AW/2
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5696 8128/9429 4757

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