Feb 2, 2014

Shatterglass Toffee by ThreeFifty

I am a total sucker for caramel and toffee.. Really.. I do not know why I just can't keep my hands of those things when they're around.. A little knowledge for you, which I also just found out recently, is the difference between caramel and toffee.. Caramel, my friends, is basically made from sugar and cream/milk, mixed with butter, while Toffee is made only from sugar and butter..

Last Christmas, a very nice friend of mine gave me this small jar of shatterglass toffee by ThreeFifty.. ThreeFifty is a newly found online shop, selling baked goods.. Their products include shatterglass toffee, Sam's black magic, star spangled brownies and lemon bee loaf.. All are the classic American cookies and cakes.. 

The stood out red-white stripes packaging are definitely pleasing in the eyes.. I just can't wait to open! I never really grow up, no? So, ThreeFifty actually offered two kinds of shatterglass toffee, the rum almond and dark chocolate nuts.. I tried their dark chocolate nuts, a three-layer of toffee, dark chocolate and chopped almonds & peanuts.. It's like they put all joy and fun stuffs in one single bite.. 

The toffee was destined to be hard, but it directly melts as soon as it reaches your mouth, giving a sweet taste, balanced with a little bitterness from the dark chocolate then rightly blended with the crunchy chopped nuts.. It was a bite of happiness.. All my life, where have you been, you dear toffee?

Impressed with their shatterglass toffee, I decided to order the Sam's Black Magic as a Christmas treat for my dear boss.. He's always on diet but a huge fan of anything sweet and chocolaty.. It's like meeting the love of his life when I read its description..
Get enchanted by Sam’s Black Magic of rich, dark chocolate cake topped by luscious ganache. Made with no butter, it’s a pure chocolate delight that casts an irresistible spell on your chocolate craving!

A chocolate cake with no butter? Sounds so much like him.. And so I placed my order, a 17 cm round cake for 200k.. Of course I didn't taste the cake, it's a Christmas treat for my boss anyway.. But he testified that he loved his cake so much.. It's sweet in the right consistency plus no butter, which means healthy and he can eat it as much as he wanted to.. The age of the cake is only 1 day.. Yes, that's just how much he loved it..

So, I am a happy customer.. It may not look so pretty, but it surely taste awesome.. Don't judge the book by its cover here.. Their toffee and cakes definitely are something you might consider to try.. Catch more on ThreeFifty baked goods on their facebook page and instagram (links below)..

ThreeFity Bake My Day
Ph.: 62815 882 6585
Email: sandra@350.co.id


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