Jan 18, 2010

the good food around Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1

since I've worked in this company, my constant client had been this bank, located in Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Jakarta.. my job requires most of my time, so we usually had our lunches and dinners around that office -sumtimes even our breakfasts.. during my 3-year-experience there, I became quite familiar with the food.. and these are some of the great food, captured by my lovely Nokia E71 3.2 MP camera :)

1. Guropa Woku Warung Inga-Inga
this is the only Manado restaurant around here.. and I wasn't such a big fan of Manado food.. but because of this restaurant, now I'm a HUGE FAN of Manado food.. love all the spices and the hot sensation.. this is one of my favourite food here, "Guropa Woku".. guropa was actually gurame fish.. cooked with a lot of spices which I don't even know.. and a little taste of chilli.. love the soup so much.. they always served the fish (whichever type of fish and type of cooking you chose) with rice, kangkung and bakwan jagung.. a good and complete meal.. IDR15

2. Ice Cendol with Durian
it's simply the best and very full of fat haha.. but still.. it's the best.. Bandung's cendol mixed with the ripe durian.. I'm a big fan of durian, so I like this drink so much.. although, you can be very full drinking this.. and feel guilty remembering the calories entered to the body.. guilty pleasure.. IDR6

3. Magelangan Fried Rice
one of the favourite overtime dinner menu.. it's actually nasi goreng tek-tek but added with noodle.. so it's a mixed of fried rice and noodle with fried egg, chicken, pickels and chips.. the portion was not too large, though I still have problem finishing it.. for guys, the portion was small.. that's why sang pacar had always been the one doing the finishing part :) IDR8

4. Taliwang Chicken
it's one of the newest place to eat near my client.. the taliwang chicken was originated from Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat.. it's a grilled chicken with some spicy sauce.. and it tasted good.. in this restaurant, you can add some sambel kacang to accompany it.. taste great for my tounge.. the taliwang chicken is served with a warm rice and some lalapan.. I like adding some citrus juice over the chicken to give a little sour taste.. perfecto.. IDR13

well.. that's all for today.. I'll add some more when I got another culinary experience around here.. and hopefully, I will have more time to post here :P


  1. lama2 blog lo makanan semua tuth...

  2. Sheilaaa..gimana sih cara ganti template and background blog? Blog lu sih bikin ngileer mulu...=P

  3. hahahahaa..
    @niya: it's the easiest topic anyway haha..
    @siska: um, gw sih cm ganti background.. template nya tetep minima ko.. blajar di thecutestblogontheblock.com gitu.. dia provide free background and how to install it :)



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