Apr 17, 2010

Food Combining

Hehehe.. judulnya aga menyesatkan sih.. anyway, since I've been a little busy in the office working and at home playing pet society.. this blog is kinda left behind.. haha.. so today, I'll just post a combination of the food I ate lately :)

Pempek Amnaya.. pempek is the traditional food from Palembang, I think everyone of you have noticed that.. well, this pempek Amnaya is my friend's new business and we were invited to give it a try.. below is the picture.. it's pempek kapal selam and pempek lenggang.. the pempek lenggang is actually the usual pempek cooked with egg.. while pempek kapal selam is filled with egg.. both of them are delicious.. I especially like the brown sauce accompanying it :)

Mie Kangkung Pasar Tanah Abang (IDR12).. a few weeks ago (gila uda lama yak?) I visited Pasar Tanah Abang, which was famous for the wholesale for fashion items.. I had this mie kangkung or noodle with water spinach for lunch.. tasted acceptable but I have to add some soy sauce (kecap manis) to add some sweetness.. though I thought mie kangkung should have been sweet already, but this one's soup is clear, not brown.. so I think it's our choice to choose whether we want it sweet or just plain..
Lollyland (IDR5).. my boyfriend gave me this and I still haven't tried it until now.. but it looks so nice, right?

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