Jun 14, 2010

De' Leuit

It's a post that has been in my draft for a long long time.. I've been quite busy lately and rather lazy to write a post or anything here haha.. anyway, this is a family lunch in Bogor on my brother's visit to Jakarta.. we had a large lunch as you can see..

we had Ikan Gurame Saus Thailand, Buncis Pedas, Cumi Cabe Garam, Nasi Jambal, Lemon Juice and Es Mangga Pala.. which cost us a total of approx 300thousands.. and it was WORTH it :) I especially love the Ikan Gurame Saus Thailand so much and my mom is challanged to make one herself - which she did in the end (YAYY!!) other dishes were also good but not really special.. what I like about eating in Bogor is most of the restaurant really consider the atmosphere of the restaurant.. in De' Leuit, they have saung which is a Sundanese little hut and some children's playground.. with the cool wheather in Bogor, it's really nice and cozy to have lunch there :) gonna come back some time in the future..

De' Leuit
Jl. Pakuan No. 3 Ciheuleut
Telp. 0251 839 0011

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