Dec 29, 2010

Girlfriends, Thai food and Ice Cream :)

we spent our college years together.. we had all of our tests and classes almost always together.. the three of us even spent 24 hours a day and 5 days a week in the same rented house.. we planned our study together.. and finally we graduated proudly as an Economic Bachelor together.. then, the four of us went to work at Public Accountant Firm, though not the same firms.. we have bee through most of our young-adult time together.. we shared our laughters, we were there when some of us failed, cried and broken-hearted.. I guess, that's why we were called friends.. I heart you, girls 

last Monday, we had a small reunion, after office hour.. as you can see, one of my friend was not taking leave.. yup, the one wearing blazer, while others were wearing t-shirt and shorts haha.. we decided to meet at Grand Indonesia, since it was in the heart of Jakarta.. 

one of my friend was craving for tom yum, so we decided to try Jittlada which I think was quite famous for the Thai food.. first to come is our drinks.. Panadus Lemon Tea (Rp15,500), Thai Ice Green Tea (Rp18,500) and two Thai Ice Tea (Rp18,500).. I ordered the thai ice tea and I'm liking it.. well, of course, I'm a big fan of thai ice tea.. 

off to the food.. haha.. we ordered quite many food for 4 girls to eat :P but we were hungry back then, so you have to excuse us :) first stop.. we got Neah Pad Kapao Krop (Rp48,500) which was stir-fried minced beef with basil leave.. this dish is cooked with chopped onion, so be careful if you don't like onions.. the dish was okay.. I guess it's just too tasty, too much spices in this dish that it became too overwhelming for my tongue.. in other reviews on Thai food, this dish is quite popular and many people like it.. but it's just not for me :)

next.. we ordered Kai Song Kleng (Rp35,500) which was boneless chicken cooked with cashew nuts,  onions and dried pepper.. it tasted similar to chinese's kung pao chicken.. the sauce is a bit sweet and sour.. well, this dish fits my tongue well and I like it :) it became our favourite dish of the night..

not enough, we ordered some vegetables.. Pad Pak Ruam Mit (Rp30,500) which was similar to chinese's cap chay.. haha.. I guess most Asian food were similar.. *sorry for the blurry picture, my bad* this vegetable is really nice.. all the vegetables were fresh and cooked well.. the sauce was a bit sweet and again, fits our tongue nicely.. 

then, we ordered the magnificent Pad Thai (Rp39,500).. everybody loves this dish and so do I.. the pad thai in Jittlada, however, offered nothing special.. it is nice, of course, but I think it lost the spicy and sour hint.. it's more of a bland dish.. maybe it's the authentic taste, though I'm not sure haha.. it came in quite a big portion that we kept on giving the plate for others to finish haha..

the last dish came to our table was our craving.. the Tom Yam Kung (Rp34,500).. it came in a personal portion, so we ordered two bowl to be shared by the four of us.. I love it.. LOVE IT.. the soup was sour and spiciness in the soup.. it's really delicious while it's hot :) I'm drooling.. it's quite pricey, though. especially with so little seafood in it..

overall, Jittlada is a nice place to eat, offering an authentic Thai food.. it's a bit pricey, but luckily we got a 20% discount from CIMB Niaga credit card :)

we all know that there's always a room in our stomach for desserts.. and so we went to Haagen Dazs for ice cream :D so we had two bowl of two-scoop of ice cream, consisted of strawberry, cookies & chocolate, tiramisu and belgian chocolate served with two slices of waffle each.. another luck for us is that we got a buy-one-get-one-free promotion with Mandiri Credit Card so the total of our ice cream was around Rp50,000.. cheap, right? :D my favorite was my pick of ice cream, the tiramisu.. yummy
strawberry - cookies & chocolate

tiramisu - belgian chocolate

Jittlada & Haagen Dazs
Grand Indonesia - 3A floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1
Central Jakarta

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