Dec 29, 2010

[Revisit] PEPeNERO Cuciana Italia

bf and I had another dinner at Pepenero Cuciana Italia located in Graha Niaga Building, Sudirman.. it's our second date here.. I was craving to eat pizza here, and so we came :) the atmosphere was as cozy and nice as I remember.. what I love about this place is it's simple yet cozy.. you can have a nice, casual talk and wear daily clothes..but you can also have a romantic dinner with your partner if you like.. the light was dim and you were accompanied with a light from candle during your eating..

we weren't so hungry back then, so we decided to order only one pan of pizza.. but as usual, an Italian restaurant will serve you a basket of free bread, and in Pepenero, they served not only one basket of bread but also a couple of tomato bruschetta.. I don't fancy tomato, so I just ate the bread :) the bread is served with balsamic vinegar and you can ask for butter if you like.. 

we ordered iced cappuccino (Rp17k) for me and iced lemon tea (Rp15k) for him.. the cappuccino was nice, the proportion of milk and coffee was just righte.. and I like it..

For the pizza, we ordered prosciutto e funghi (Rp 39k) which we thought consisted of mushrooms and cheese. but we were wrong, since it's also topped with some ham (sorry for not reading the menu carefully :P).. it tasted really good.. all the spices seems to be mixed well and nice.. I like it, good job.. haha.. 

not enough, we brought one pan of quattro formaggi (Rp47k) home.. the classic Italian pizza consisted of four types of cheese and fresh rucola salad with no additional topping.. I really like the quattro formaggi better than the prosciutto e funghi.. the cheese was nicely mixed and melted.. though when we reach home, it had gone cold haha.. I would order it when we go there sometime in the future :)

do come and enjoy the Italian pizza offered by Pepenero.. a nice pizza in a cozy atmosphere and it all comes in an affordable price :) what else would you ask?

The Glass Bridge Mezzanine Level
Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav. 58

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  1. Good sharing, PepeNero is a pleasant place for a quiet dinner or lunch for 2. Good food and service. One of the few Italian restaurants with my favorite beef tripe (tripo) on the menu. See my blog about PepeNero at:



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