Jan 2, 2011

Kenny Roger's Roasters

like about a month ago, bf and I went to Plaza Indonesia.. we were confused where to eat.. then we spotted Kenny Roger's Roasters which was supposedly famous for the roasted chicken.. we haven't tried this before and decided to give it a try..

I chose the value meal (Rp39,900) which consisted of a quarter of roasted chicken with your choice of sauce, I picked mushroom sauce, and  two optional side dish, which I picked garden pasta salad and potato salad.. the chicken is very huge.. a lot of meat in it haha.. it's tasted kinda bland for me, but the sauce do a little help.. the mushroom sauce is good, but not great.. I like the garden pasta salad, consisted of fusilli, broccoli, red onion and pepper.. tasted fresh :) the potato salad, however, is something I regret I chose.. it's tasteless, the supposed to be mayonnaise was too creamy.. 

bf chose something I believe called pasta value meal (Rp39,900).. okay, I admit, I forgot the name of the menu, but it consisted of bolognaise spaghetti, a quarter chicken with your choice of sauce, he chose black-pepper sauce, and one additional side dish, he chose macaroni and cheese.. I did try the mac and cheese and I like it.. cheesy as I expected.. the spaghetti was also good, but not great..

overall, I don't think I would come back any time soon.. the chicken was too overwhelming that we were a little bit scared of where it came from hahaha.. other than that, the side dishes was quite promising..

Kenny Rogers Roasters
Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta

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