Jan 29, 2011

Ikan Nila Goreng Pak Ono

had a family lunch with my cousin to Pak Ono, a restaurant near our house.. the restaurant was quite famous since it was crowded almost everyday during meal time.. I had tried once and I like it.. so last week, we picked this place to eat.. there were four of us and we ordered quite a lot of menu haha.. we were hungry, do forgive us :) their specialty was ikan nila, or in English known as nile tilapia.. other than ikan nila, we can also order gurame which of course, in a bigger size compare to ikan nila..

to start, we ordered Tahu Kipas (Rp13,000/3 pieces).. it is actually fried bean curd filled with sauteed mixed vegetables and meat, served with sweet and sour sauce.. I like these tahu kipas, especially when it was eaten while hot.. the filling was generous and it became a nice, warm appetizers.. too bad, it was just three pieces per portion haha..

next, we ordered Ikan Nila Bakar Dua Rasa - grilled nila with two flavor (Rp28,000).. it was grilled with two flavor, sweet and spicy in each side, complimented with lalapan (raw vegetables, usually lettuce, tomato, cabbage and cucumber to accompany Indonesian food) and chopped chilly in soy sauce.. ikan nila served here comes in small size, the waiter told us it was for a personal meal.. so you can try different menus without afraid for ordering too much.. well, for this dish, it tasted just ordinary.. it was well cooked, but we didn't find anything special from the sauce and dressing.. it was just okay :)
next, we ordered Ikan Nila Tempur Saus Nano-Nano (Rp33,000) which was fried nila in a special sweet and spicy sauce.. it was the restaurant's specialty.. and imho, it is special.. the fish is crunchy and the sauce is just nice and goes really well with the fish.. you can find chopped chillies inside, which became a surprise if you eat it accidentally haha.. 

not enough, we ordered Cumi Goreng Tepung (Rp25,000), Tumis Kangkung (Rp10,000) and Tumis Genjer (Rp13,000).. I like the kangkung so much, my mom loves the genjer, while cumi goreng tepung was just ordinary haha.. here, hot tea is free and plain rice is Rp5,000 per portion.. 

overall, I think we had a nice lunch.. well, when you're with your loved ones, all food can taste great :) the taste is quite above average with a very reasonable price.. so you can have as many food as you like, unless, of course, you're on a diet.. will I come back? sure will :) the ikan nilai tempur saus nano-nano is quite additive.. 

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