Jan 28, 2011

Noodle Attacks

noodle is a type of food in a thin and long form, usually made from wheat.. based on history, noodle was first introduced in China around AD100.. it has become popular since it was can be stored easily and people can combine it with various cooking style, you name it: soup, dry, stir-fried, pan-fried, etc; and it tasted really delicious.. with Chinese people travel around the world, noodle was also introduced to other countries in the world, especially in Asia.. almost every Asian country have their own style in cooking noodle, making it very various in taste and menu.. and making it even more popular.. 

below are some restaurant in Jakarta which has included noodle in their menu..

Bakmi Gajah Mada

recommended: Bakmi Ayam (Rp15,909) & Pangsit Goreng (Rp17,272/10 pieces)
now, this is one historical noodle shop in Jakarta.. opened since 1959, Bakmi GM has become the largest noodle shop in Jakarta.. you can ask any of Jakarta's residence, and they will tell you all about Bakmi GM.. what so special? well, the noodle is special.. it's thin and smooth.. the kind of noodle which quickly becomes everyone's favorite.. another special menu is the pangsit goreng or fried wonton which just different from other restaurant's fried wonton.. the wonton is very crunchy and perfect, especially when you eat it with the sweet sauce.. Bakmi GM is now open not only in Gadjah Mada street, but also in shopping malls all over Jakarta.. please visit www.bakmigm.com for more complete information and menu..

Bakmi Permata
recommended: Bakmi Casau (Rp21,500) - contains pork
Bakmi Permata was also becoming more popular since they started to open their outlets in office buildings.. their specialty is the curly noodle, which was different from Bakmi GM's.. the toppings of bakmi casau includes grilled pork in red sauce, mushrooms, caisim and fried pork oil.. my favorite thing of eating here is their chilly sauce and chilly pickles.. I can almost finish the whole pot of chilly haha.. oh, if you're eating in the restaurant, you'll get a free dessert.. nice eh?

Mi Hotplate Plasa Semanggi Food Court
during the one-hour lunch time at office, my colleagues and I usually go to Plasa Semanggi just to eat and look around.. we usually eat at the Food Court, and I decided to try this outlet.. I picked chicken steak noodle for Rp16,500 with a free ice tea.. well, to be honest, the taste was just ordinary and nothing was really special other than the cheap price haha.. the portion was quite big and it's really friendly for student's budget meal :)

now this is an instant noodle imported from Korea, I suppose? it was neoguri noodle soup udon (around Rp10,000).. it's actually an instant udon soup in a seafood and spicy taste -which I like- complimented with dried vegetables and nori.. the portion was quite large, even for men.. the soup was nice and spicy.. and I like it.. it's my current favorite instant noodle haha :)

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