Jan 26, 2011

Nan Xiang

a few weeks ago, I had a date with bf and we went to our favorite shopping mall, which was of course Taman Anggrek.. one problem we have always faced was deciding where to eat haha.. since bf was craving for noodles and we saw this restaurant next to the cinema, we decided to give it a try.. it was Nan Xiang, famous for their la mian and xiao long bao..

I decided to order Lamian with Minced Chicken and Mushrooms, also known as Cha Chiang Lamian  (Rp39,800).. the noodle was home-made and very delicious.. I ordered the dry noodles, so they serve the soup separately.. the noodle was complimented with minced chicken, mushroom and tofu cooked in soy sauce so there was a hint of sweetness.. the portion was huge.. um, in my opinion, the taste was just ordinary.. nothing was really special.. I think I had better..

my bf opted Lamian Wuxian Beef (Rp42,800) which was lamian served with soup and slices of beef.. I tasted a sip of it and I liked it.. the soup was really clean, nice and warm.. the beef was very tender and juicy.. I think I made a bad choice haha.. I would pick this menu if I come here again haha..

there's always enough room in stomach for a "little" snacks.. haha.. since there was a promotion 25% discount with BCA credit card with a minimum purchase of Rp150,000, so we decided to add some more dimsum..

Bean Curd Spring Roll (Rp15,800)
Glutinous Rice with Chicken (Rp15,800)
Xiao Long Bao - Shrimp & Chicken (Rp29,800)

the dimsum was just ordinary.. nothing was really special.. the xiao long bao was nice and juicy.. I especially love the soup inside.. the food here is labeled 'halal'.. I've tasted xiao long bao filled with pork before, maybe that's why in my opinion, the xiao long bao was just ordinary.. I would prefer xiao long bao with pork haha.. for the drinks we oredered Chinese Tea (Rp8,000/cup - refillable)..

overall, I think this restaurant is just ordinary.. I didn't find anything really special here.. but it was quite crowded with people when we came and most of them ordered dimsum.. perhaps we should try other dimsum here some other time :)

Nan Xiang
Mall Taman Anggrek Level 4 Lot 415
Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 21

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