Jan 22, 2011


last December (I know it's been a while), BF and I went to Grand Indonesia and had dinner there.. we decided to try Yoshinoya since we have not tried that before.. my friend told me that they serve various and delicious menu.. I believed her since I saw the long queue of people waiting to be served.. 

Yoshinoya was a fast food restaurant I think.. you have to serve yourself for taking the food, picking seats, refilling your ocha, getting your sauce and other compliments.. in my case, it's my bf who served hahaha :)

we had Regular Beef Bowl (Rp22,727) and Large Chicken Bowl with complimentary free refill ocha and three pieces of fried snacks (Rp32,727).. well, in this picture both bowl seemed the same, but, his Chicken Bowl was actually way larger than my beef bowl.. 

my beef bowl was really nice.. the beef was thin and cooked well with the onions.. the rice below was nice, since it was poured by the beef sauce.. it was complimented with miso soup, which was one of my favorite dish.. the portion was not too big, for you guys, I would recommend the upsized bowl.. for me, it was enough, a little too much rice though.. I love this menu so much that after I finish my bowl, I started to think when I will return hahaha..

his teriyaki chicken bowl consisted of teriyaki chicken and sauteed vegetables.. I like this dish since it combines meat and vegetables, give you the non-guilty feeling after eating it.. well, since there's vegetables inside haha.. the complimentary fried snacks was just okay, nothing was really special.. the ocha was refillable, but when you have finished your first glass, you have to bring the empty glass to the counter and refill it yourself.. so self-service, right?

overall, I am liking both beef and chicken bowl.. both offers a different yet nice taste.. Yoshinoya was located right in front of Grand Indonesia's famous fountain, so if you're lucky, you can enjoy your meal while watching the dancing fountain.. and since it was near Christmas, we got a little gift from the restaurant.. cute, eh?

Grand Indonesia West Mall level 3A #17
Jl. MH Thamrin 1 Jakarta

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