Jan 5, 2011


after a few times passing this cafe, both in Mall Taman Anggrek and Grand Indonesia, and after a friend told me that they serve a nice kaya toast, finally I decided to give it a try.. on Sunday afternoon, bf and I walked to Kopitiam to have a nice coffee time.. as far as I know, the word 'kopitiam' was originated from kopi, meaning coffee and tiam, meaning stall.. 

in Singapore, kopitiam was known as food court which was run by an owner and leased to stallholders who offers variety of Singapore traditional dishes, including kaya toast, boiled egg, traditional Singapore noodle, snacks, and drinks.. in Indonesia, kopitiam turns out to be coffee shop, selling various peranakan  food and drinks.. 

the Kopitiam I visited was a coffee shop.. it was dominated with wooden furniture.. this shop was quite crowded at the time we visited it.. the cafe also provided free wifi service for customers.. 

since it was around 3 pm, we decided to order snacks and drinks only.. I picked kopi c peng, iced coffee with creamer (Rp15,500) while bf ordered ice milo dinosaurus (Rp18,000), which was ice chocolate topped with milo powder.. we also ordered traditional kaya toast (Rp18,000) consisted of two slices of toast with butter and kaya jam inside, served with french fries.. 

the toast was thin and crispy.. the kaya jam was different than any kaya jam I've tasted before.. it's not too sweet, which I like, and goes really well with the melted butter.. however, the toast was no longer hot when it was served to us.. first, I find it kinda weird to combine kaya toast and french fries, but we decided to eat those separately anyway, so yeah.. no problem laahh :) the french fries was crispy outside and juicy inside.. 

kopi c peng was black coffee combined with milk and I like it.. it smells really nice and the coffee succeeded in waking me up haha.. the ice milo was sooo chocolaty (is that a word?).. well, it's been a while since I drank an ice chocolate and this one is nice.. when you drink it, you can taste the un-stirred milo powder, and it tasted really nice :)

overall.. I am satisfied with Kopitiam.. they offers a nice and casual ambiance, good food and smart price.. you'll get what you pay for.. Kopitam also serve main courses, such as nasi lemak and sop buntut..

Grand Indonesia West Mall LG #15
Jl. MH Thamrin 1 Jakarta


  1. Di Indonesia lagi booming cafe-cafe ala 'kopitiam' yah. Kaya Toast jadi menu utamanya tentu..

    Nice review, nice blog, akan saya jadikan referensi kalo jalan2 ke Jkt.. lam kenal :)

  2. Hai, Jie.. salam kenal juga.. been enjoying reading ur blog :)



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