Jan 4, 2011

Saung Greenville

had a lovely new year lunch with family at Saung Greenville.. it's a quite famous restaurant near our house, known for the seafood cooks.. my mom invited her friends, so there were eight adults and one little girl.. we ordered a lot of food haha.. it's new year, anyway.. here comes the review..

as an appetizer, we ordered seafood rolls (Rp30,000) consisted of five small springrolls filled with seafood, served with bangkok sauce.. it was still hot and crunchy when served, which makes it tasted really good.. however, I think it was too expensive for such a small roll.. 

we ordered tiram goreng telur (Rp30,000), an oyster oyster omelette served with fried garlic and wan sui leaves.. it was one of the favorite dish here and I love it.. oyster and eggs are a good match.. they tasted well together.. 

eating in a seafood restaurant won't be complete if you do not order fish.. so we ordered ikan kue bakar (Rp115,000/kg).. the fish we got was 0,71kg and was enough for the eight of us.. the fish itself was fresh, tender and juicy.. however, the sauce was just ordinary, nothing was really special.. I have to eat with lots of sambal terasi (Rp3,000) to make it better haha..

not enough, we ordered kerang bambu saus padang (Rp30,000).. it was bamboo shell cooked with spicy Padang sauce.. the spicy Padang sauce here was not too spicy, though.. well, perhaps it was due to the high price of chili.. the portion was so small that we have to limit each person only to eat one shell.. 

for the vegetable, we ordered kangkung lombok cah terasi (Rp25,000).. it was kangkung from Lombok, which was larger in size compare to other kangkung, cooked in terasi sauce.. I think this dish should be spicy and mouth-watering.. however, I found it was rather bland.. the terasi was kinda tasteless.. the kangkung was large and crunchy, though..

lastly, but the best was kepiting lada hitam (Rp230,000/kg).. it was FINGER-LICKING GOOD.. I literally lick my finger to eat the blackpepper sauce.. the crab was fresh and sweet.. it's kinda hard to eat crab, though.. but I have my little brother to open crab's shell :) the crab was huge, we got 1,36kg.. it was the best dish of the lunch.. can I have some more, please? *puppy eyes*

I ordered iced honey lemon (Rp14,000) for drink.. well, it was a mixture of honey and lemon juice.. a little too sweet for me, since the honey was almost a quarter of the glass.. but still delicious.. and honey is good for your health, right? haha.. *excuse*

Saung Greenville offers variety of seafood with a premium price.. for me, the most worthy dish was the black pepper crab.. oh, the price for rice here was Rp6,000 per portion and hot tea was Rp3,000 per glass.. there's a promotion using Standard Chartered credit card for 25% during weekdays and 15% during weekends..

I would definitely recommend you to come and taste the CRAB :)

Saung Greenville
Seafood Restaurant
Kompleks Grenvil Blok AV-12A

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