Jan 3, 2011

Hachi-Hachi Bistro

had a quick dinner with bro and bf at Mall Taman Anggrek during a shopping spree hahaha.. well, christmas is time for giving and shopping :P we decided to eat at Hachi-Hachi Bistro.. well, it's a quite well-known sushi restaurant in Jakarta, originated from Surabaya and in Jakarta, they only have two branches, in Mall Taman Anggrek and Central Park.. I like the sushi here.. unlike Sushi Tei's sushi which more of a classic sushi, Hachi-Hachi Bistro offers modern Japanese fusion food.. if you decided to come here and try, I would suggest you to try their fusion sushi since it's quite different with classic sushi.. and different menu is good for your taste buds :)

black dragon roll - baked salmon roll - spicy salmon skin roll
we decided to order their black dragon roll (Rp39,000), baked salmon roll (Rp38,000) and spicy salmon skin roll (Rp25,000).. my favorite would be the black dragon roll, consisted of fried shrimp tempura rolled with nori and sushi rice topped with unagi and black fish eggs then served with fried crunchy tempura and teriyaki sauce.. I also love the baked salmon roll which was filled with crab stick and salmon topped with melted cheese, chili sauce and fish flakes.. the spicy salmon skin roll was a sushi rolls with salmon skin and Japanese cucumber inside topped with chili sauce..

spicy seafood yaki udon
other than sushi, we also tried their main course menu, spicy seafood yaki udon (Rp30,000) and two thumbs up for this menu.. it's actually fried udon with seafood and some sweet Japanese sauce.. I LOVE IT.. it tasted really delicious that I'm drooling while writing this post.. the seafood was very generous and it came in a big portion.. it worth every Rupiah you spend :)

during lunch/dinner time, the restaurant is very crowded and unfortunately, they don't have spacious dining area.. if you want to try this, better come early or you'll spend some time to wait for a table.. overall, I think Hachi-Hachi Bistro offers great food with a very smart price and fast service.. coming back for more? definitely :)

Hachi-Hachi Bistro
Mall Taman Anggrek 3rd Floor
Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur 2
Jakarta 11470

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