Feb 24, 2011

The Foodhall Kitchen

The Foodhall is one famous supermarket chain in Jakarta.. it sells so many cute products you may not find in other ordinary supermarket.. I love to walk around it just to see those unfamiliar snacks and juices and milk and chocolate.. okay, it's just hard to stop hahaha.. there's one thing that I just found out about The Foodhall, which is that they have a kitchen, named The Foodhall Kitchen.. 

actually, one of my office mate introduced me to this kitchen.. here, we can buy all the necessary raw material in The Foodhall Supermarket and ask the chef to cook it for us.. it's like having your own kitchen, only at the mall.. other than that, they offer ready-to-eat menu, including..
Indonesian food: traditional fried chicken, soto, fried rice
pastas.. more pastas.. 
salads.. fruit salads..
or you can order their choices of pasta, which was not ready but will be made as soon as you order.. the ready food displayed will cost you less than Rp20,000.. okay, I repeat, it's less than Rp20,000.. so it's very friendly for you, workers, if you want to have lunch in some place other than office's canteen.. and for the ordered pasta, it will cost you Rp25,000.. so how to order? first, you can pick the food you want and take it to the cashier, or if you want to order, simply go to the cashier and order you pick of pasta, side dish and sauce.. then you have to pay the amount.. the ready food will be warmth and deliver to you table, while the ordered food will be cooked ad deliver to your table.. 

bf and I decided to try this for a quick and light lunch.. he wasn't so hungry, and me neither.. so we had this small lunch.. his pick: Potato Salad (Rp16,000).. it was creamy and full-filling despite the will-have-to-have-a-second-round look.. I like it.. I know it's his lunch, but it's still okay for me to like it right? 

my pick: Macaroni Schotel (Rp18,000).. it was served with bolognaise sauce.. the macaroni was just okay.. my mom's was better.. luckily, the bolognaise sauce saved the day.. it was full with tomato and delicious.. the funny thing is, I liked his pick better and he liked my pick better.. haha..  

overall, I like to try other menu here.. I find it really enjoyable to eat in a supermarket, knowing that we can add some snacks we wanted, pick our own drinks.. I find it really homey :)

The Foodhall Kitchen
Grand Indonesia LG Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta 10310

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