Feb 23, 2011

Nanny's Pavillion, the Terrace

a few weeks ago, I had a date with my mom and we went to Central Park.. like always, we had a difficult time to decide where to eat.. anyway, we spotted this newly opened, (well, not too new anymore I think) small, garden-decorated, cozy spot inside Sogo.. turns out that it is new outlet of Nanny's Pavilion.. I have visited Nanny's Pavilion, the Living Room before and so without hesitation we went in to try other menu.. the terrace-themed Nanny's consisted of two dining area, the indoor (non-smoking) section and outdoor (smoking) section.. the outdoor area is right in front of the Tribecca Park, so it gives fresh air and good view.. the indoor area is as cozy as the outdoor area since they decorated it with a garden theme, so it feels just like sitting in a real, beautiful garden..

for the drinks, I ordered blueberry lemonade (Rp20,000) and mom ordered ice tea (Rp9,000).. the ice tea was just ordinary ice tea, no further review should be done I think.. on the other hand, the blueberry lemonade was outstanding.. it was fresh and tasted just right.. blueberry lemonade was part of the 'Fresh Blend Lemonade', a new drink menu I found here.. I think it was a mix of lemonade and fresh blueberry jam.. you can find the blueberries on the bottom of your glass.. it was so delicious that I am officially addicted to it haha.. *even while writing this post, I'm drooling and thinking when I should visit again*
off to the food.. since my mom and I were on diet, we decided to order one main course and one dessert.. my mom was such a rice-eater, so we decided to try the rice menu.. I picked Kim's Tuna with Rice (Rp34,000), a sauteed rice gratain topped with tuna, red pepper and melted mozzarella cheese.. the dish looked very simple, but it tasted great.. I don't know whether I was so hungry or I was just greedy, but the rice and the tuna and the melted mozzarella cheese was soooo good that I can't even stop my hand from scooping it and putting it to my mouth over and over again.. actually, it tasted really light and just nice.. it didn't leave any nausea feeling I used to get from eating rice + melted cheese.. I love it :)

for the dessert, we ordered Peach Pancake (Rp29,000), one piece of pancake filled with peaches served with ice cream and maple syrup.. the dish was quite popular, since I have read so may reviews about it, but haven't got the chance to try it myself.. first of all, the pancake was fluffy, nice, warm and thick.. next, the combination of pancake + peaches + vanilla ice cream + maple syrup is one GOOD thing.. the taste blend so well and once again, not giving the nausea feeling I used to get from eating too much sweets.. I think the peaches kinda balance the sweet taste I got from the maple syrup.. 

oh well, it's official that I am in love with Nanny's Pavilion.. and thank God for creating pancakes :) 

Nanny's Pavilion, The Terrace
Sogo Central Park Ground Floor
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28 
West Jakarta 11470
Phone: (+62)21 569 8570 

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